messy projects, love lists, and spring!

Happy first day of spring! From now on any wintry weather will be laughed at and referred to as fickle spring weather. That fifteen degrees this morning and the flurries forecasted for tonight? Oh well, that's just spring. In like a lion, out like a lamb they say…. (haha winter, we won!)

I spent a rather embarrassing amount of time this week figuring out how to use mail chimp, designing a logo, and switching my e-mail list over to a newsletter that I have more control of. I really love the look of it, and I get to personalize it a lot more than the generic feedburner style that was there before. If you were subscribed before, you should have received a Welcome Newsletter earlier this week. If you're not signed up, you can do so here. I'll only be sending weekly-ish updates with links to new content on the blog and some other rambling bits you all so sweetly put up with!




I had to share one messy photo of my most recent project. I bit of a teaser I guess, I'll have the whole post up on Monday for you to see. DIY chalk paint and IKEA hack unite. It was a fun one! Especially on the third day of our dining room looking like that when the man ever so politely asked me so, uhm…. how long do you think this project is going to take?


Now…. onto a Friday love list::


I've been trying to decide what the perfect shade of white is to paint the studio for some upcoming big news. The discussion is over on instagram…. I would love any suggestions you have!

Swooning over some artwork on etsy this week. This lovely terrarium print by Gennine and the someday cottage by The Wheatfield (this is what I picture my broken-down-farm looking like that I mentioned yesterday!)

I pretty much adore everything in this jewelry shop : india y la luna. Hello gypsy-hippie-boho mama jewelry!

Heather is running a Whole Food Kitchen class this spring! If you haven't taken a class with her before, you should. She is wonderful, a wealth of information, and creates the kind of e-courses you print up and keep forever in a binder. Her popular bring a friend offer is good through the weekend. Come join us! It's going to be fun!

I keep asking the thrifting fairy to bring me something like this. So far, no luck. But I'm patient… it will happen eventually…..

The best tutorial I've seen on sewing a curved hem.

I want to dye some curtains like these ones when we paint our room this summer. I think I could pull it off…..

This is a must read. I love that Ginny and I were kind of on the same wave length yesterday!

Lastly, a year ago this week.


Tell me what you're loving….

And happy, happy weekending to you~~




friday love list…..

friday love list.....

my study space. often ending the days here with some tea or wine and twinkly lights. (on unit two of the intro course and loving it!)

i have some link love to share with you over this long weekend…..

chalkboard jar + shopping list = love

must have

geared for guys (a quilt)

crescent moon

i need a haircut

don't do it

roasted winter squash with feta and honey

life changing crackers

honeycomb shelves

rachel making my heart sing

are you with us on facebook? fun discussing random bits with you there…. recent conversation is good blogs to read, because I finally got a feedly account. come share your favorites… 

happy weekending to you… oh yes, and feel free to share some links of what you're loving!




bits from our week & a love list…..

bits from our week & a love list.....

bits from our week & a love list.....

bits from our week & a love list.....

bits from our week & a love list.....

bits from our week & a love list.....

bits from our week & a love list.....

bits from our week & a love list.....

bits from our week & a love list.....

bits from our week & a love list.....

bits from our week & a love list.....

The big girl had rehearsal every evening this week. Opening performance is tonight, followed by two more over the weekend. I know she is looking forward to everything slowing down a bit after this weekend. I think we all are….

Monday Joe took the big boy to register for college. He's attending a local community college. This teenage+highschool+coming+of+age stuff is easy for some kids and harder for others. He falls in the latter category. It's been an act of love and patience to sit back and let him figure things out. He went from not wanting to attend college at all to wanting to attend a very expensive university far away to deciding community college one town over was a good fit. Yes, he is responsible for his own tuition…. we're here to support and feed and cheer him on, but that's it. He came home from registration and told me had decided on an engineering transfer program. I told him that was so wonderful, that I was glad he was focused on something. He asked me why I let him think general studies was a good idea beforehand. I told him I never thought it was a good idea, but sometimes someone else needed to tell him that…. you know, someone other than your mama. That got a laugh. It's baby steps I tell you…. one little thing at a time.

Other than that. I have a gardening post in the works to share with you. I've been working out there a little most every day and if a few seeds would sprout up I would sure feel a lot more successful. Ahem. Patience… yes, I know.


Here's a list of random lovely things::


This is what my garden looks like in my head. I'll get there…..

We made lentil tacos this week & they were amazing. (didn't even use the peppers & onions, just the seasoning and lentils. easy + so good.)

Chickpeas and mustard greens. Yes please. (make a double batch of chickpeas & add them to salads!)

One of my favorite egg meals. So good……

How cute is this?

Looking at dehydrators. Thinking of this one. (hello sticker shock, right?) Does anyone have a favorite one they love? I'm all ears.


Happy weekending folks. And happy mama's day to all of you women who have nurtured another soul. Human one, furry one, feathered one…. It's hard work for sure.




bits from our week & some friday link love……..

bits from our week & some friday link love........

bits from our week & some friday link love........

bits from our week & some friday link love........

bits from our week & some friday link love........

bits from our week & some friday link love........

bits from our week & some friday link love........

bits from our week & some friday link love........

bits from our week & some friday link love........

bits from our week & some friday link love........

I'm at the end of the week that got away. Somewhere between music lessons and theatre practice (and a lot of rain!) it was suddenly Friday. I'm not really sure how that happened.

At one point the kitchen was full of pottery makings, cookie makings, and breakfast makings. In that order. There was work for me. First grilled pizza of the season. And the best part of the week was our first spring csa pickup from the farm. (greens!!)

Joe invited his entire office over for a bbq on Saturday. I think we have about 30 people coming. His email invitation said something like "we have a treehouse, dogs, bees, chickens, a zipline, and a lot of mud. bring your family, let your kids get dirty and we'll all have a good time." Many moons ago when our family was little we got together often with coworkers. Military life differs from the civilian world, we become each other's family. It shifts as you get older, and life gets busier. But in those early days this camaraderie was the glue that held life together.

In other news…. I bought graduation(!!!) invitations for a little shin-dig coming up in four weeks. Someone should pinch me because I can't really believe my first baby is graduating from high school. This will be another big party. We're lucky to be close enough for all of Joe's family to drive down for the ceremony, my parents are flying in from Alaska for a few days. As a funny side note, and to confirm your thoughts of my craziness, we will be puppy sitting at the end of the month too. Three lab puppies. My niece's dog had a litter a few weeks back and THREE of them are heading home to Alaska with my parents after the graduation. One for my parents, one for my brother, and one for a good friend of ours. So uhm, yeah…. a graduation celebration to plan, 20+ house guests and three nine week old puppies. I like my plate FULL. (hehehe)

I have a few link love bits for you::

DIY potted plant hangers.

This yoga class looks amazing. (and might be just the thing to keep me sane during this month!)

How to transplant those tomato seedlings.

On my pin board :: this quilt, these cookies, this space…..

Dreaming up summer ideas for the youngest kiddos.


Wishing you a lovely bit of weekending…..




ongoings & some link love……

ongoings & some link love......

ongoings & some link love......

ongoings & some link love......

ongoings & some link love......

ongoings & some link love......

ongoings & some link love......

ongoings & some link love......

ongoings & some link love......

ongoings & some link love......

ongoings & some link love......

:: fire cider to bottle

:: fresh fabric stacks

:: a clean up date night with my studio & a glass of wine is in order (goodness, it's messy in there)

:: seedlings getting taller every day

:: old globe making my kids and me smile as they find their favorite places

:: new tiny bolga baskets

:: gumbo for dinner tonight

:: fresh cookbooks 

:: painting wooden eggs with the kids tonight

:: the light in here at 3:30…… love


Some weekend links for you……

~ I ordered two new vegan cookbooks this week,  here and here. They are both very, very good!

~ Some good ideas for using stinging nettle this spring.

~ This Owl and this moon….. I am in love with her art. For sure.

~ Fairy garden season is here!

~ The overprotected kid. (loved this!)

~ Things to eat : tahini toast and chickpea avocado sandwiches. (Amanda, that last one has your name all over it!)

~ Just for fun, a year ago this week.


Some of you may have seen my post on the gypsyforest facebook page about my friends at  Cubit's being featured in Etsy's Quit your Day Job series. It is so awesome to see a hard working small business be in the spotlight. AND they just bought a 13 acre farm! Congratulations Laura and Ryan. Today is the last day to enter this giveaway for a six pack of their herb seeds too!

Also, I have TWO awesome giveaways planned for you this weekend! So swing back in to enter.




weekending bits and links…….

weekending bits and links.......

weekending bits and links.......

weekending bits and links.......


Ahhhhhhh………… weekending.

We ran around a bit yesterday, but today is pretty sweet.

I'm finally one tiny project away from getting caught up in the large pile of custom orders I had for the shop. Mostly thanks to sweet Ginny for sharing the pencil case we designed together for her daughter's 8th birthday. I can't tell you how busy and grateful I am to have the shop steadily humming along like it is. The shop provides the extras for us…. it made it possible for us to afford two beehives instead of one. It's a sweet deal for sure. Speaking of sweet deals….. you can use the coupon code HELLOSPRING to get 15% off your order of $40 or more in the shop through the end of the month. Keep your eye out for mini rainbow silk sets by the end of next week. Perfect little Easter basket treats! (order must subtotal $40 before shipping for the coupon to work.)

I spent a little bit of time quilting Jade's quilt this morning. Oh my. It's finally coming together. Add world's slowest quilter to world's slowest knitter. Ahem. Oh well….. all in good time I suppose.

That's really it for now. The kids are running in and out, Joe is smoking something on the BBQ, and the sewing machine is calling my name…. better finish up this last bit of weekending before the new week rolls in.

A few links for your Sunday::

Healthy Bees Healthy Hives :: Pledge to have a chemical free yard.

Running Stitch Napkins by Purl Bee

Fire Cider Trademark :: A heated topic in the herbal community.

Honeycomb Coasters

Pinning :: *  This Dress  *  This Salad  *  This Souffle  *

Lastly, if you are anywhere near Seven Stars Bakery in Rhode Island…… you should treat yourself to a chocolate almond croissant. Life changing deliciousness. Truly.



snowflakes and weekend links……

snowflakes & weekend links......

snowflakes & weekend links......

snowflakes & weekend links......


I took these pictures earlier in the week. We had just visited the museum and had the opportunity to see actual slides from Snowflake Bentley. (one of our favorite books!) Sophie was feeding the birds and ran inside to show me the flakes…… she was so excited! I have never seen them like this before. It was a very dry+cold snowfall for sure. Aren't they beautiful?

In other news, this was a week I was glad to see the end of. Joe is home tonight from his two week class. I scrubbed and cleaned the house this morning & there will be pizza for dinner. I am *so* looking forward to an easy evening. Our friend is flying in from Louisiana this afternoon and we can't wait to spend the weekend with her. The main event planned is the first seasonal trip to our favorite ice cream shop. It might be snowy, but we don't care.

That's all I got for now. I'm beat…. and I need to make a grocery store run or we'll be eating only oatmeal and eggs for the weekend. Which doesn't actually sound all that bad……

Before I leave, some link love for you…..


Foraging & Feasting

Little Feather

Pinning : summer dreams and clementine glazed salmon

Gearing up for a hefty order from this bee supplier. (exciting stuff!)

And just for fun, a year ago this week : hanging with our peeps……

Wishing you all a very lovely bit of weekending…..




real food : real budget + weekend links

real food : real budget + weekend links 

A few weeks ago Tricia of Farmish Momma invited me to guest post in her Real Food Real Budget series. She's had a really nice turnout of bloggers sharing recipes, tips, and budget ideas over the last few weeks. You can pop over there and read my post if you like.

I just tweaked the sizing on the blog last night to make the pictures a squeak bigger. Did you notice? Did it do anything weird on your end? I'm always worried when I mess with the coding… I really know just about enough to be dangerous. And there are other computer things, like SEO. I can sew a french seam, but I have no idea what SEO is. It makes my brain hurt. I keep getting these emails from random "companies" offering to improve my site and SEO. (uhm, what?) I think this little space we hang out in is pretty sweet as is. Just saying.

Joe has been gone all week & he's home for the weekend this evening. I am looking forward to some wine by the fire with my favorite guy. I usually get a ton of sewing done while he's out, but man. This week has been crazy. I did clean the closet and get all the laundry put away. I think I should have sewn instead. Anyhow, I have a few link love bits for you before I head off to tidy the house & get some errands done…….

Summer Grove in Night (one can never have too much fabric, right?)

This Quilt (wow!)

Sweet little bird embroidery patterns. (free!)

This Scarf/Cowl by Quince & Co.

I was dreaming on pinterest about our someday-forever-house and thinking little guest cottages and painted stairs would be so perfect…….

Let's eat :: morning sweet potatoes, socca, and green curry porridge

On Etsy :: sweet cards, this yarn bowl, and soap stacks.

A year ago today :: Camellias. Oh how I miss Louisiana right now……..

Happy weekending to you all~~



p.s. if you're visiting from Farmish Momma….. welcome! I hope you stick around and hang out with us~~~


quilt stacks + weekend link love…….

quilt stacks & weekend link love.....

quilt stacks & weekend link love.....

It all started with that raccoon. I was in *love* with him. We just finished reading this, and so I just had to bring a little of that blue raccoon home with me. I picked out a few coordinating pieces throughout the shop. Once home I found a few more more from my stash. And now this colorful stack is waiting to become a quilt top. I've been swooning over grey + color lately (like this!!). You can see a few beauties on my quilt board. I love the simplicity of this pattern…….. (with deep grey sashing, of course). 

Do you have piles of fabric waiting for the right time to sew them up? Or perhaps next in line to sew? I love doing that…..

It's been awhile since I shared a list of link love with you. So here you go::


This quilt. I love it. LOVE with all capital letters sort of love.


Some words for your heart:: Thoughts on Crafting a Life  and It really does go by quickly. (sniff!)


I think the kids might be getting worms for Easter. Or at least maybe the mama will…..


Some etsy love :: printed feedsack towels, this print (really I love everything she does!), these planters, these peaches, and if I had a million dollars


Just for fun, a year ago this week……. roadtrippin'. I can't believe it's been a year already. Wow. Oopsie. It actually hasn't been a year. So uhm…. check out this post instead. Yarn & some (more!) chocolate peanut butter goodness.


Happy weekending to you all~~~




friday link love……


Favorite easy lunch this week : leftover rice, sauteed greens, salt, pepper, nutritional yeast with a scoop of beans & chicken broth spooned over the top. Yum~

Today is going to be a crazy one. I have *so* much to do before I head out the door this afternoon. I will certainly not be getting it all done either….. deep breath in, reminding myself it's all good.

Some lovely links for your weekending::

:: Come see me in Peterborough, NH at the Broke Arts Fair! (Kim will be there with her books too!)

:: Speaking of Kim… her book Farm . Food . Life is available for pre-orders! It looks amazing. Truly. I'll be getting my own copy this weekend! (I shared a post on her book this summer, take a peek!)

:: Love this beautiful push pin map to keep track of the places we've been…..

:: This t-shirt. This bag.

:: I have a giveaway going on over at Nicole's place.

Pop in tomorrow for a super awesome giveaway. It's going to be a good one!