the tiny house : part 2

Joe is away at a two-week resident/camping Permaculture Design course in Vermont. I attended a Regenerative Cannabis course on the same farm two summers ago. The whole time I was there, I just kept thinking that Joe had to see it. With patchy service, I haven’t talked to him much, just enough to know he’s … Continue reading the tiny house : part 2

the tiny house : part 1

Last fall we started talking about some sort of structure to build on the farm that we could use as a guest house for visitors and rental income as a farmstay + air bnb. Forever ago, when we were young, we talked about buying an old bed + breakfast as a retirement gig. Our plans … Continue reading the tiny house : part 1

new farm baby….

My sister-in-law turned 50 earlier this month. She shares my love for a lot of things. Kids, food, flowers, gardening, and animals. All the good stuff. I spent the two weeks leading up to her birthday searching for a kitten in need of a home. On the morning of her birthday a friend connected me … Continue reading new farm baby….

grow, harvest, dream…….

Harvest season is in full swing here on the farm. Almost every day we come in with a basket full of something that needs to be dried, tinctured, canned, or frozen.  Some plants, like Tulsi pictured below, give us several harvests before the cold sets in. I have cut this patch back three times now and … Continue reading grow, harvest, dream…….

a few recent happenings…..

Spring was a whirlwind of events here on the farm. Joe's much-anticipated gathering to celebrate his retirement from the Coast Guard was canceled due to the covid19 pandemic. He packed up solo at his apartment in Massachusetts, had a small informal retirement ceremony at work, and left. Four hours later he showed up at the little co-op I … Continue reading a few recent happenings…..

sore throat tea

  One of my challenges as an herbalist (and mama!) is often getting the herbs into the body that needs them. Some herbs are very lovely tasting and others, well, as my kids would bluntly say: taste terrible. They are pretty good about taking tinctures – even the "terrible ones". Teas, on the other hand, … Continue reading sore throat tea


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