squam : part 2, the making……












I love walking through the woods to get to class and meals…… Squammies leave small treasures here and there. Yarn bits, pompoms, stones, feathers to leave love notes & wishes on.

I took a class with two of the kindest and most talented artists on Thursday and Friday.

First was a day of stamp carving with Penelope Dullaghan. We learned the basics of cutting stamps, using tools, and how to create patterns with and without repeats. I had this idea of making a Goddess or Sacred Woman stamp inspired by a coffee mug I saw at an art fair this summer. It ended up looking like a sacred woman in more ways than one – which made the class giggle – it's the stamped notebook above. I'll let you decide what it looks like. I am especially smitten with my feather stamps!!! I see lots of stamped feather goods in my future…. and just ordered some fabric paint to test it out on. Penny was a fabulous teacher and really fun to hang out with all day.

Day two was spoon carving with Barry Buck of Linen and Spoon! I had the chance to meet Barry and his family last spring when we visited Squam as vendors – I think we live in some parallel universe because I have so much in common with his wife that I swear we are long lost, sisters. (She thinks so too – it's not just me!) I learned how to carve a spoon, and didn't injure myself! Holy sharp tools – it really is like meditation, you have to pay such close attention. I have just two layers of sanding left and I'll share it here with you….. I also purchased some carving tools and a few spoon blanks to carve a few more. I loved it!

Lastly, on Saturday I attended the Squam Art Fair  - our table is the triangle shelf display…. the spoon picture is from Linen & Spoon's table and lastly a picture of my treasures! (linen & wooden goods by Linen & Spoon – shirts by untold – necklace by AG Ambroult.)

So much making and handmade goodness to be shared and enjoyed.

Happy weekending friends.



2 thoughts on “squam : part 2, the making……

  1. I wish I had more weekends like this…… I have this dream of hosting weekend events for creative spirits to come and work on their projects. There is something magical about getting away from the everday……


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