squam : part 1, the magic………

*Just to warn you, I am SO going to overuse the word "magic" in this post. It can't be helped.* 

I'm still reveling in the in-between space, "between Squam and real-life". I'm sure it sounds sentimental, but being at Squam this last time my dear friend Elizabeth hosted felt especially magical. For a decade she has worked her magic and poured her heart and soul into a gathering that draws the best of people. Truly. Elizabeth herself is one of the most caring, authentic, and generous souls I have ever met – and this manifests itself in people of the same caliber from all over the world who come to gather in the woods. We celebrate being creative – full of life – full of love. This September seemed to hold even more wonderful people than usual – no doubt there to support and send off their dearest fairy godmother and welcome in the new fairy goddaughter. It was emotional, beautiful, magical. Just the sort of thing endings and beginnings always are. I cannot even find the words to tell you how grateful I felt to be a part of it. So, so much.

Spending these days taking great care of myself – soaking in the woo – nurturing my spirit and connecting with new and old friends – oh, let me tell you – they are worth their weight in gold. Especially for those of us who rarely take the time to place ourselves in the center. This was my second time attending Squam – the first was here – but we have been lucky enough to attend as vendors a few times in between. I wanted to paint a picture for you – share with you what it feels like to return to a place you know is magic, pictures seem to do the best job of this….. so here you have the arrival and settling in….. 










more tomorrow –




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