corners of home…..








This marks our fourth winter in this house.

It seems that each time we move and settle in, the time zips by more quickly than the last.

Didn't we just get here? Oh goodness, look at those little faces!

We're once again in the waiting phase after filling out the list, though this time we didn't put anything on it other than a request to stay here longer. Joe's command is trying hard to keep him. I am hopeful, but not counting any chickens so to speak. I think we have a good chance of getting one more year. And while I am grateful for that….. a one-year extension sort of just stretches out the waiting game even l-o-n-g-e-r. Instead of 6 months of worrying and waiting – you get 18. And so it goes.

Right now I am looking around this too big house that has held our family with the soft, kind eyes that I always do when leaving is on the horizon. With gratitude. I am grateful for this house & the people around us we have called home. Tidy, messy… all the corners of this space. I am excited to think we might be closer to starting our life on the farm and sad to think the time is nearing to leave. Again. Bittersweet, this leaving.

All these feelings mixed up inside my heart and belly. And my long time go-to for dealing with them? Tidy, organize, purge. I've actually laughed at myself quite a bit this time around at how predictable this has become – at least according to my family. 

I guess that's mostly all for now.


One last thing, a few bits to share…..

Honey Sweetened Marshmallows (top photo in sunday-morning-mochas – the BEST marshmallows ever!)

Currently on my needles (fluffy, squishy, goodness)

A Holiday Book List (c)heck the comments for even more books)

Squam Art Workshop Announcement (last call!)

New Facial Goods (by me!)


Happy Weekending to you….




6 thoughts on “corners of home…..

  1. oh my god!!!! those kids!!! I practically cried! + they’re not mine!!! 😂😂😂😂
    I cannot believe it’s been so long! how?
    + your new products look amazing! way to go!!!! you’re quite the busy bee! 🐝🐝🐝


  2. Right? It’s unbelievable. Time flies….. and it all just gets faster as they get older. I. Can’t. Even. Seriously. (thanks for the product love – lots of work as you know, but seriously filling my heart!)


  3. The marshmallows are the best! I buy a half dozen bags every winter 🙂 And I can’t believe it’s been almost four years either….. I’ll be so happy once we have official paperwork in hand and are done with the waiting…. 3 months of waiting is starting to wear on my patience!


  4. four years! i remember you moving…. it’s been four years!! wow. it’s crazy how these big time markers really make you stop and think. i see what you mean about the 6 vs 18 months… that’s hard. wishing you all the best this season and beyond.


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