The renewal is up for the blog this month. I looked over the last year and realized I had posted a small handful of times. Less & less in the latter half of the year. 

Joe asked me awhile back why I stopped writing. Not here on the blog so much, but real writing. In notebooks. On pages stuffed into notebooks. I didn't have a real answer. I'm just so busy, I said to him. He nodded. 

The blog has become this strange thing for me – it's mostly in my head mind you – but because I wrote less and less real life here….. it started to feel separate from me. A memory of what was. The kids growing older. My career path popping up and taking hold of my time. It's funny really, this sense of self and how we paint it with words on screens to people we've never met. How much truth do we tell? What stories do we share? How vulnerable are we willing to be – or can we be, while still being mindful of the way our stories are interwoven with those around us…. Are we just another voice in an already loud and busy place? Perhaps.

I'm not sure of any of these…. but I've been thinking about them over the last few weeks. Debating the level of my bravery to show up here in the moment I am in and share that. I mean, posts about good food and living creatively and pets in sweaters are great – but for me – they become fluff if there isn't a raw-truthful-uncut-holy-shit-it-isn't-just-me bit every now and then. Soul connection, you know?

So I ask myself (renewal looming) how to start again.

And the answer comes…….softly.





9 thoughts on “softly……

  1. I do miss the blogs! Mostly because I miss my friend who lives across the world (not really but feels like it) and I get some glimpse of your life. It makes me smile.. specially knowing and seeing how awesome your life is.
    If the blog comes back slowly or softly.. it will be a welcome sight for sure.


  2. I am at this exact place as well. I miss that time of writing and the days of showing up but I’ve gotten stuck not knowing how much to share, what to share, how to share. I selfishly hope you start blogging again because I do miss my blotch friends and their beautiful spaces. XOXO, nichole


  3. I have finally joined the world of iPhone users (however, seeing as how I’ve had it two months and have yet to use it for anything besides calls and texts and I just can’t stand the touch screen, I will soon be going back in time to a phone with a slide out keyboard) but haven’t dipped my toe in instagram waters yet- likely because of what I just mentioned about probably not keeping the phone. Anyway- all to say that I somewhat keep up with my blog, though less and less personal stuff unless something big is happening, and then I am wary about what to share, how to share………. I like having it as a space, an outlet, a place to chronicle our goings-on, and very occasionally, a place to write about the actual nitty-gritty of life.
    where the balance is found, how much is too much or not enough or just right………. all of that….. gosh I have no clue either. I show up when I do and poke around visiting other spaces time and again, and am pleased when folks have left some words and photos and I feel like I can ‘catch up’ with them. I’ve definitely made some good and rich and meaningful connections via blogs, and for that I am most grateful


  4. I am so very grateful for the tribe of amazing women I have met over the years…. last month was 8 years ago I started this little blog. I know it’s been almost that long for you. I have laughed, shed tears, and watched babies grow up….. so much goodness. All of it. (ps – selfishly hoping you’ll join instagram!)


  5. it seems that many of us are coming to this crossroads… trying to figure out what it is that we want out of these blogs. i love instagram but i’ve been craving something deeper lately. i miss blogging and i miss reading blogs as well… especially the real ones (i consider yours one of those). 🙂 if you post… i will read (sooner or later).


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