up north……

We headed north last weekend and spent some time on the farm…..  

We cleared brush and hauled brush. It was damp and chilly, and we hiked the old logging trail to explore and warm ourselves up. Everything was a lush green and full of blossoms. Lots of little creatures on our many walks, so many blackberries and carpets of oregano. It's really something to watch the whole piece of land wake up after winter. Slowly, slowly we're getting to know her a little more….

We brought Maggie along for the first time, which was the perfect thing for the kids. Somehow she manages to keep the peace between them when they start squabbling, and if one is reading a book in the camper (needing alone time) and the other wants to wander, they can always take Maggie. She's truly the best "kid" dog I have ever had. It makes up for her hound tendencies, because as we were packing up to head home she wandered a bit too far, giving us all a good scare thinking we had lost her. Hound dogs and their noses, I tell you…..














So many creatures joined us for our walks it felt like the forest had arranged a spring welcoming committee. Every other step one of us was saying "oooh, what's this". If anyone overheard us they'd have gotten a good laugh at our over excitement.

Each time we head up – amongst the work – there is a moment where Joe or I stand in the middle of the field and say to each other…. can you believe this? We both keep saying no.




7 thoughts on “up north……

  1. Right?!? We watched the property for almost a full year before we bought it, so I kind of had an idea – – – – – – but looking at it through the eyes of it’s caretaker is so different. I’m so in love!


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