chai spiced adaptogen herb blend…..

I'm head of over heels in gratitude for the warm reception our CSH received. If you didn't snag a share, there are a few left as of this morning. If you missed out, there will be partial shares again in September and December. I'll let you know when sign-ups open for those.

Today I wanted to share an adaptogen powder recipe I recently crafted up for the Herbal Academy blog. Adaptogens are a category of herbs that help your body adapt to stress. Head on over to read the herbal infused snacks article I wrote for them where you can find two really yummy recipes with this adaptogen blend : Chia Pudding and Protein Power Bites. (think tiny balls of energy, yum!)





Chai Spiced Adaptogen Powder

    1 tablespoon ashwagandha powder

    1 tablespoon astragalus powder

    1 tablespoon triphala powder

    1 tablespoon marshmallow powder

    2 teaspoons ground ginger

    2 teaspoons ground cinnamon

    1 teaspoon ground cardamom


Stir these together & keep in an air-tight jar. I like to add this to smoothies, oatmeal, granola bars, baked goods, chia pudding and energy bites. It's a great way to add more herbs to your diet.

And speaking of herbs, I just got home last night from a weekend at Herbstalk. What a great little herbal event! I attended a few classes and bumped into some of my favorite makers at the market. Best of all, I got to see several of my herbal sisters – so good to see their smiling faces.

I'm off to tuck baby motherwort into the garden……




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