if you give a mouse a cookie (for knitters)

Baby pants

Machine embroidery

Shibori onesies

Handmade baby

Jade works at the best ice cream place in our area. They use as many local products as possible to make the most delicious ice cream. Her bosses are super sweet and love their employees…. so much that when last year was a record year in ice cream sales they give all of their employees a retroactive pay raise for the season! I love these hard working people so much, so when their first baby arrived this spring I knew I wanted to knit or sew something really special for him.

It started with a hat. (some of you saw it on instagram a few weeks ago!) The yarn is Mosaic Moon and has been in my stash forever. I love it so much and was just waiting for the right little one to knit it up for. Booties followed. And then I remembered how much I loved sewing tiny pants. (I've done this before once or twice). So the yarn was matched up with some favorite fabric and when I couldn't decide between the two prints I made them both.

You see where this is headed right? If you make some little pants, you're going to need some little shirts to go with them…..

I had a few little onesies in my craft supply stash and indigo dye in my cupboard. Little indigo tshirts where next. It was my first time dyeing with indigo – oh my goodness you guys – it's awesome! I really loved the way these little shirts came out and I'll be hitting the thrift store up for some more clothes to dye now that I have a vat going. 

I topped off the basket with some of our really gentle soap and a big tin of our healing salve which is also really great for diaper rash or any little bumps and scrapes (whole family herbal magic!) I'm not sure who was more excited about gifting the basket – Jade or me!

I really do love how quick it is to pull together these little knit & sewn goodies….. I sew a lot less often these days and I had so much fun making these. The pants pattern is Big Butt Baby Pants by Rae (the best baby pants, especially for cloth diapered babies!) and the hat details are on ravelry.

Welcome to the world little one, the universe paired you up with some pretty awesome parents!

Tell me what you're making these days….




6 thoughts on “if you give a mouse a cookie (for knitters)

  1. We just went to a gelateria who made all their own gelato with in season ingredients and they didn’t have a single fruit flavor! No strawberry because they are not in season just yet.


  2. What lovely gifts!! I have something similar going on with my new niece who is joining our family in June. It started with a sleep sack… haha
    That sounds like a wonderful place to work, too. 🙂


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