our first night on the farm…..










I feel like every blog post these days could be started with the last month has been so busy…..

We traded in Joe's jeep for a new-to-us truck. It's been something we've been thinking about since we bought the farm. We didn't want a new one, both for financial reasons and just practicality of use. Those scratches and dents hurt too much, and we know we'll be driving it onto the property and hauling things around with it. So after a few months of looking we found just what we were after. Then we found a popup. Joe was texting back and forth with an old Coast Guard friend who recently retired in New Hampshire, and somehow through talking about the farm Joe mentioned we were thinking of buying a popup or building a small cabin this summer. Our friend mentioned he was upgrading and selling his. He gave us such a good deal we actually felt kind of guilty driving away with it. We had been looking since last fall and we paid about half what it was worth. Sometimes the universe (or a really generous friend) hands you a gift, and all you can do is say thank you.

We picked up the popup two days before last weekend's trip north to attend a baby shower for our nephew. We packed the popup, thinking we would stay at my brother in law's house. The weather was saying 30 degrees and a snow/rain mix, but we had gear if it looked clear. You know what they say about New England weather, it changes a lot. An hour before we got there the rainy slush subsided and Joe says to me, change the address on the gps, we're going to the farm. So we drove through a little stretch of Vermont we'd never seen and arrived at dusk to set up the camper by headlights and the sweet sound of spring peepers. 

This is crazy, I said to him. I know, he told me with a smile.

We drove half an hour north from the farm to visit family for the evening and got back to the camper with two very excited and tired kids around midnight. About 8 deer greeted us as we drove onto the property. The cold had settled in and the peepers had gone to sleep. It was so quiet. Our first night in the popup and on the farm, and the first visit since it was officially ours. The night was chilly and the wind came in along with a dusting of snow. But we didn't care one bit.

In the morning, Joe and I went for a hike while our sleepy heads slept in (after waking at 6 am and being asked to please go back to sleep, we were so glad they did). We wandered around as the sun peeked in and out of clouds and the snow fell softly to the ground. We stood in spots that got morning sun, thinking of house locations and barn locations. We checked on our apple tree (no sign of blossoms yet).

I couldn't help but think about how long it had been since this place had seen children. Laughter. Humans even for that matter. And how even though we're still years away from calling it home, it was already seeping into my heart and making its place. It felt like our first adventure up there.

The first of many more to come, I am sure of.



(ps I forgot my fancy camera and took these all with my phone (!!), goodness phone photography has come a long way!)

12 thoughts on “our first night on the farm…..

  1. I love reading your stories of your dreams unfolding. I live in Upstate NY, it’s so beautiful. Thank you for sharing, I can’t wait to see the rest of it unfold!


  2. You are in NY? Love this adventure!
    Pop over to the Stone Valley Market in Poultney tomorrow and say hi! I’ll be there from 9:30 to 2:30. 😉 xo


  3. We really love it up there. It’s where my husband grew up & all his family is at, so we really are looking forward to being close to family again in the future. And the scenery is just amazing. When we drive north as soon as we hit the NY border over western Mass and the hills start, I just feel like home 🙂


  4. Thank you! We’re really excited about it – this will be our first summer owning the land, so even though we are a ways off from living there full time, I’m looking forward to camping up there and planting berry bushes and fruit trees!


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