a betsy for my girl…….

Yarn stash

Last year I had planned to knit a hat each month, and while I did get pretty close… I failed to get them all photographed before they went off to the heads of loved ones. This year my goal is to have a finished knit per month – remember to photograph each one – and only knit from my stash. I do have yarn for a shawl and a sweater in there…. so it won't all be one skein projects…. but certainly heavy on that side unless I come up with some creative ideas (like the shawl I started last month!). Luckily we have a few babies arriving this year!

My January knit is another Betsy. I really, really love this pattern. This is my third one. All the details can be found on Ravelry. I knit it up for Sophie – and now all three of us girls have one. The yarn is Apollo in Jelly Bean by Luna Grey Fiber (love!)

Betsy 1

Betsy 2

Her betsy

Photobomb mutt


Complete with a photo session overtake by Maggie who was very concerned about what was going on. Sophie said maybe she wanted a hat too. And that does fit into the one skein project category…. hmmm….





8 thoughts on “a betsy for my girl…….

  1. It looks so cute with her henna red hair – which I finally let her dye – my babies are growing up!! And yes, you should totally learn to knit. Find a local yarn shop – knitters love to find/teach new knitters!!


  2. Jackie is magic I tell you. Everything I knit with her yarn turns out beautiful! I have a men’s hat in the works now…. in a deep cinnamon. It’s so lovely!


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