yarn along….

Bitters and yarn along

Yarning along with Ginny today. 

I started this shawl pattern this morning. We had one of those busy, busy days with lots of driving and waiting. I figured a new knitting project was a good way to pass the time….. and it was. Well, maybe not the part where I was talking to other moms while the kids were rollerskating, because I ended up having to pull the whole thing out and start over. I misread the pattern and totally goofed up the increase. I'm not sure if it would have mattered too much, but I decided to pull it out anyhow. I'm using Handmaiden yarn from my stash. I have three colors that complement each other well, I'll show you the others next week. I'm determined to knit projects only from my stash this year…. it's really gotten out of hand…. the collecting part. So I really need to knit it down a little!

The book was my Solstice gift. It's wonderful! I've made a few batches of bitters recently and gotten into using bitters more for cocktails (and mocktails right now). I love books broken up seasonally, and of course beautiful photography is always a bonus. It's really worth checking out.

Dinner is calling, so I have to run. Hopefully by the end of tonight I'll be back to where I frogged this shawl!




8 thoughts on “yarn along….

  1. Hope you catch up on your knitting. Your blog is very beautiful, this is the first time I’ve come across it. I pinned the smootie recipe a few posts down. Thanks!


  2. Hi Jill – welcome 🙂 Thank you for the sweet words about my blog. I did get caught up on the knitting last night cozied up next to the fire. I hope you like the smoothie recipe!


  3. Thank you! It feels good to be using up some yarn in my stash too….. and what a wonderful snowy weekend we had! Perfect for lots of fireside knitting 🙂


  4. i’m curious about the book… is it the same kind of bitters that are healthy for your digestive system? or is this purely for cocktails sake?


  5. It’s both! It does have a lot of drink recipes in it, but the bitters recipes can be used as is or added to nonalcoholic drinks. I have a few in the works…. I’ll let you know how they turn out 🙂


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