We haven't had much of a real winter here. It's reminded me a whole lot of our years in southeast Alaska. Rain. Wet. Dark. Oh yeah, and the mud……

The poor grass is getting thin in spots and the mud piles are growing wider each day. I would love a big snowstorm to come and cover the garden and woods (and mud puddles) with a thick blanket of white. Snow makes everything look so tidy and it has that magical glow that almost makes up for it being dark at 4 in the afternoon.

Of course, the good thing about the mild weather is that we've hardly turned the heat on. The fireplace is doing a fine job keeping most of the house toasty warm. The bees are flying on warm afternoons. I love sitting on a stump outside their hive and watching them fly in and out. They were actually bringing pollen in the other day. I had one calendula bloom in my garden on Christmas Eve and there is a rogue dandelion that pops up every so often. They always find them.

Even though it hasn't felt like winter, our wintering activities are in full swing. There has been cozy fireside knitting and reading. Bread baking. Lots of afternoon popcorn. Hot cocoa and tea. And even though we took the tree down today, I left a lot of the twinkly lights up. I figured a little extra sparkle during these grey days couldn't hurt one bit.

Tell me how your wintering has been……





12 thoughts on “wintering……

  1. Just plain gosh awful COLD! Have to leave a faucet dripping at night so the water lines don’t freeze up.
    Can hardly wait for 90 degree weather to return.


  2. We are having the same kind of winter here…with mud being the highlight. I hate it. I have gotten used to the cold winters. I want snow!


  3. It’s been lovely here. It’s actually been cold here. Enough so that we’re all wearing wool socks and sweaters in the house and out of it. There is snow on the mountain too.


  4. We just finally got our snow on Tuesday…it does a nice job covering up the muck. I’m looking forward to be home to enjoy it this weekend!


  5. Lovely words. 🙂 We just recently got snow. On Christmas day it was 10C here in eastern Canada. It was lovely but I am also loving this white all around us now. I love how you say it makes everything look so tidy. I love how it quiets the earth when it falls. Happy 2016!


  6. I remember leaving the faucet dripping in Louisiana. The pipes just aren’t set up for that kind of cold there either. Hoping you get some warm sunshine too! (and I’m ready for summer too….. maybe not 90…. but 80 will do!)


  7. Yes! That is exactly why I love snow too. It makes everything so pretty and tidy and covers up the weeds I should have pulled in September…. and all the mud!


  8. The quiet! I remember when we moved back to the north after four years in Louisiana and I couldn’t wait to share with my youngest the sound of snow. It is the most peaceful quiet noise ever….. like the whole wide world is whispering.


  9. You just raised up my want of bread making. I started the other day and didn’t have enough honey for the honey oat, so I put it all away… for another day. Maybe this will poke me enough to get it out when i get home


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