holding on…..


We have some really big things going on that I can't wait to share with you. All good-wonderful-stuff, for sure. And it's so close! Like a million tiny pieces in life all coming together. In the meantime any positive energy you can send our way to help us during this time of great anticipation would be so much appreciated.

(oh this waiting patiently thing, I have not mastered it yet!)

I'll be back soon.


6 thoughts on “holding on…..

  1. lots and lots of wonderful anticipation vibes being sent your way! all fingers crossed that those pieces sure come together!


  2. oh its been forever since i had alone time to log on the laptop to read my favorite blog…. catching up with you made my day… you are still amazing and i am happy to see all is well…. are you going to be staying there much longer? cg life goes by so fast doesn’t it???


  3. Didn’t it seem like it would be forever until retirement when we fist met? And now it’s right around the corner. It does go by quickly – especially while chasing little ones. So happy to see this comment from you! xo~


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