creeping in…….







Winter is creeping in early this year. Our last two autumns in this house were long and warm. Not this one. We've already had a couple of hard frosts and the wood stove is keeping us toasty warm in the morning and evening. The garden has gone to sleep and nothing is left to do but a final tidying up. I've been peeling and canning and freezing all sorts of things. So many veggies. A few pears (cardamom honey pear butter!). A million apples : sauced, dried and chutneyed (I know, that's not a real word). It's full on squirrel madness around these parts, busying ourselves with one final burst of chores before so many things get put to rest for winter. When we lived in Louisiana….. life felt year round. After two years back in the north country, I remember why I love winter so much….. the quiet. A nice long break, hibernating (or introverting if you will…….). I'm ready. It's time to sit and read and knit and cook. All while looking out at the cold sleeping world…. dare I say….. covered in a blanket of white.

Tell me what's going on in your neck of the woods……




12 thoughts on “creeping in…….

  1. I think winter might be coming here too. Not the way yours is but we keep getting rain and the nights are chilly. I agree that here life is all year round. Many people take that for granted. I for one would like to slow down and have a rest period.


  2. The next few weeks will be filled with getting in the wood, cleaning the chimney, putting away the bees with sugar and love, mucking out the goat pen and laying new bedding…..I like this time of year too. Everything slows to a crawl and it feels wonderful to sit back and breathe before it all starts back up again with a flurry.


  3. I had really forgotten how much I loved it until I missed it for a few years…. and growing up in a four season climate makes it hard to live anywhere else. All your seasonal queues are missing!


  4. Oh those feathers…… I am going to need another jar soon! I just can’t help but collect them when we find them on our walks….. nor can a I part with them even when the jar is overflowing 🙂


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