places I’ve been……












Some highlights of the summer.

Garden, beach, wildcrafting & learning about herbs, beekeeping, putting up the harvest, art class, working in the studio.

It was full. And busy. And I guess I was just in need of a break….

Let's call it introverting. Haha! I know I have some fellow introverts out there.

For awhile, I wasn't actually sure if I'd be back. But then it just seemed like it was time. So here I am. It feels good to pick up a camera again. To take the time to find words and string them together and turn random bits of life into a story of sorts.

It took awhile, but I missed this space. Of course, all along I missed each of you.

I have a lot of things to share….. about food and family and herbs and craftiness. So much has happened this summer! It's going to take us a bit of time to catch up.

I'll see you Monday for something special.

xoxo all my dear ones~



17 thoughts on “places I’ve been……

  1. Welcome back!!! I totally get it – life barrels along and there are times when it seems all you can do to keep up, much less sit down and compose your thoughts for a moment. πŸ˜ƒ It happens to us all the time.
    It’s nice to hear things are going well – that is the best kind of busy. Your garden looks beautiful, the bees look healthy, and the art looks fun!


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