My youngest girl and I were chatting in the car on a drive home from somewhere. Just she and I. Have any of you noticed this car talking phenomenon? Especially when you have just one of the kids along for the ride? If I'm quiet long enough…. it always starts. She was talking to me about puberty… and how weird it was. I agreed. I told her it was like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, except humans don't have cocoons to hang out in so everyone gets to see you morph into the new you. She laughed at that and told me, "mom, we do have cocoons….. our bedrooms!!"

So true.

In a month, the teenagers in the house will outnumber Joe and I. Three to two. I remember looking at Sophia's round little face at 3 am almost 13 years ago….. and how Joe and I simultaneously realized we would have three teenagers in a million years from that moment. And… well crap, here we are. The million years has passed. I wish I had some poetic thing to say about it. But all I can say is, life is fast. And having mini adults is just…. so weird. They're mostly awesome and sometimes like aliens from a planet I do not speak the language of…..

But back to the cocoon. I've been thinking about that conversation all summer. And I've decided we all need cocoons sometimes….. perhaps more in our adolescents…. but us grown-ups need them too. Sometimes we have such a huge amount of growth or change that needs to happen that all we can do is step back from everything and wait, and trust that whatever big spirit we believe in is guiding our path.

Does that sound too crazy? Too "woo-woo" as my friend Sunny would call it? I don't know. Maybe.

But it does make me think my cocooning offspring are onto something….. 





7 thoughts on “cocoons……..

  1. She’s going to be a teenager already?!?!?! When the heck did that happen?? Ugh! Time is flyin for sure. I loved seeing that you blogged. Its been a while and I must admit.. ive missed it.
    I understand about the cocooning completely. I do that often in my own bedroom when I need time away from the commotion of my house. Love ya!


  2. I think she’s right. My cocoon is bigger now, encompassing my whole house and possible my yard as I learn to do, make and grow so many things.


  3. I think she is on to something too. A few years ago we transitioned into the “all teen” arena and now we are fast approaching the “all adult” arena. I think thats why I am cocooning myself this year. Focused on home, family, life… watching my oldest at 21 and daughter at 18 begin to navigate this strange new world and knowing the last two are right around the corner at 17 in a few months. Wrapping myself up in home and family is my cocoon and I’m pretty sure we will come out the other side beautiful and able to fly. I like this idea of hers!


  4. I know, right? I can’t even believe it. It’s so cliche – but suddenly my house is no longer full of little ones. I guess I’ve been in my own cocoon for awhile, and her words made me realize it. I missed being here too 🙂 Love ya back. xo~


  5. It’s so wild watching them navigate the early years of adulthood…. my oldest will be 19 next week and I just can’t wrap my brain around it all – and next year this time I will have an 18 & 20 year old! It’s amazing. And crazy….. and like you I too am pretty sure we’ll all come out on the other side able to fly. It just feels like a lot of stretching and changing on everyone’s part in the meantime. xo~


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