a shift






In just two days the baby of the house will be nine. NINE (!!)

How did this happen?

I know the answer of course…. one tiny day at a time. Just like the ones before him.

I feel an evident shift in our lives. For almost two decades we have had some little one in the house, a soul with both feet strongly planted in the imaginative make believe world of being little, and we're ever so slowly stepping out of it…… 

There is still imagination and great hours full of play, for sure (homemade nets made from sticks and strainers). But things feel different. Bigger. More serious. The four or five hours spent building legos is followed by an in depth discussion of all the features of his creation and then the fact that he will be a lego designer when he grows up. My girls have been working together musically more and more, and have plans to buy a better microphone so they can record some songs on iTunes. iTunes! I listen to their talk of how music will fit in (or lead) their adult lives. 

I know this sounds dramatic, but I truly feel as if the childhood mat was pulled from beneath my feet. Ready or not. And like everything with parenting, right when I was oh so very comfortable. And so it goes….

It is so full. And just when I can't quite imagine we could squeeze something else in, we do. My days are thick with the act of being a co-pilot to their work. Some of it ending far after my preferred bedtime as I drive to pick up the last of them at 11pm from a job that makes them smile. It's amazing how much can happen without the worry of missed naps or 8pm bedtimes……. instead there are open mics, and volunteer activities, and jobs, and music events, and lessons…. and a lot of snacks and meals in-between all of those.

And while most days I hit the pillow completely exhausted….. I am also amazed and wonderstruck at what these little young people are becoming…. grateful that they share their plans and opinions on the world with me, even if it usually happens while I am driving them to their next adventure……





10 thoughts on “a shift

  1. With a 3.5 year old, I’m still in the “missed naps and 8pm bedtime” stage with many tantrums still in the mix. Enjoying this age, but will be nice to expand the world even in another year or two, and less anxiety about eating and sleeping!


  2. Lovely sentiments! I always feel a touch of nostalgia for those childhood days–they went by so fast–and yet what they’re growing up into is so cool (most of the time!). And also, I know from looking back at my oldest son’s pictures from when he was 10 (and seemed so grown up) that he was just a baby compared to 14 (which seems so grown up) and that my current two ten-year-olds have a lot of little boy left in them.


  3. 9 already?!?!?! Where has the time gone? Life is just speeding by and we are all just hanging on for the ride. Before you know it (but hopefully not too soon) you’re gonna have another set of feet runnin around calling you grandma and youre going to sit back and say “what the heck.. Wasn’t it just yesterday I was doing this with my children?” I LOVE how much imagination your kids have and I KNOW they will carry it with them throughout life. ❤


  4. On St. Patrick’s day, I was reading through Ted’s school work, and came across a write up he did on Leprechauns. He about jumped out of his skin to get to me and stop me from reading it. He was passionately adverse to my reading his write up. I read it anyway, and he cried at me. The write up was about all his scientific reasons Leprechauns weren’t real (no fossils,, no proof, no real evidence, no science – just like fairies and gnomes – not real). It turned out, he didn’t want me to be disappointed in him for not believing. I giggled and said it was all just fun, Teddy – I know they’re not real, I just love them, and they represent fun, imagination, and magic to me. He looked at me for a long moment an hugged me. He was so relieved!
    I too have felt that shift in Ted. We enjoyed a walk around Toys R Us last week, finding just the right thing for Tess to use her b-day money on….. Nate found lots of fun things, and Ted found nothing. He is too big for Toys R Us. Too big for toys, it made me sad. I don’t want to feel like the magic is gone for him…. but I feel it slipping away. ;(


  5. this was beautiful. I can so relate to it with my big kids. + I feel choked up at the thought of it being over with the last one!
    but at the same time, it is so sweet to see them growing into themselves. into the person they will be.


  6. My heart feels heavy reading this, my girls will be 9 this year and I’m feeling the same shift. It’s hard and awesome at the same time. Happy 9 to your little guy.


  7. How quickly it goes! Even I say the same myself as we are approaching a 4th and 6th birthday in our house. Here is a glass raised to full days and young adults!


  8. The time flies by, too fast for my liking! 🙂 My baby turned 18 this past Saturday and this morning we sat down and registered him for the required Selective Services. I think I might have shed a tear or two.


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