instagram ate my blog, and i’m really becoming an herbalist……

First (I feel kinda bad about this, but it's the truth) instagram ate my blog. I'm not alone in this. It has eaten several. It's so ridiculously easy to stay connected over there, and I've turned into the worst blogger ever. Such a bad blogger that in this post I am sharing all instagram photos in this post of the last month's herbal on-goings. (you can fire me, I totally understand! or better yet, join me!)     

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Now to the fun part. The herbalist journey is in full swing my friends.

This weekend is my second apprenticeship month with Boston School of Herbal Studies. Last month we talked about digestion and herbs to balance/nourish it. We made some delicious teas and I came home to rummage through my herbal pantry to make my first bitters tonic loosely based on one we tasted in class by our teacher Madelon. (first photo up there)

I've been playing around with small batches of tea blends. Both to see how I feel drinking them and how they taste. Some combinations have been very yummy. Others, while having wonderful medicinal properties, were not as fun to drink. Easy on the dandelion leaves, lessoned learned.

I had the amazing opportunity to attend the International Herb Symposium a few weeks ago (opening ceremony in that beautiful church photo above & most photos above from my weekend there). I really had no idea what I was signing up for back in March, I only knew everyone was raving about it in the herbal community. Oh. My. Goodness. It was total magic. I met some very inspiring herbalists, even got my books signed by several (Rosemary Gladstar, Holly Bellebuono, Mindy Green, & David Winston!) I took several classes :  aromatherapy, women's health, FDA regulations for small herbal businesses, palm reading, soap making, spirit & rituals of herbs, stress & herbs/aromatherapy, herbal formulas, free fire cider, and plant walks (phew!). This was the first herb event I have ever attended, and all I can tell you is : wow. I have never been received into a community with such kind, welcome, open arms. Herbalists have a family and they all love welcoming newcomers, they readily share they're wealth and knowledge. I walked around all weekend thinking, this is it, this is my tribe. I finally found them.

My heart feels like it has found a friend it has known for ages. Which of course, it has. As David Winston shared in his class on the spirituality of herbalism : Somewhere many generations ago there was a healer in my family, and in yours too, in everyones. And some bits of her DNA have been passed down and down just waiting for someone to find them again, waiting for someone to remember. Doesn't that just sound completely amazing? I can't even begin to tell you how this resonated with my soul.

It has been, and will continue to be, a lot of hard work. Learning the names of plants. Anatomy. Medicine making. Taking notes and having real homework for the first time in years. It feels a bit like magic, and the beginning of something right.




P.S. – super cool teapot "steeped" tshirt in that last photo can be found here. I bought two shirts AND a skirt from her at the Symposium – her prints are fabulous!! and she's having a sale right now!


21 thoughts on “instagram ate my blog, and i’m really becoming an herbalist……

  1. Thank you for sharing your adventure! I cannot wait to attend an herbal conference one day, when the stars align. I, too, found my herbal tribe years ago and I never felt so grounded and nourished as I did when I did my herbal apprenticeship six years ago. Herbalism just becomes part of your life and daily rhythm. It was the best thing I ever did to empower and love myself. I hope to get more connected in the years to come, when my masters program is completed, when I have more time.
    PS. Thanks for sharing Taproot Threads too!


  2. I really hope you get to be part of the magic one day, you would LOVE it. And I feel the same, this is such a good thing I am doing for me….. which I’m not very good at sometimes πŸ™‚


  3. Very cool. Love instagram…so fun and so easy. And the herbal stuff sounds amazing…I started to get into herbalism several years ago, but got distracted by other things (kids!) along the way. Looking forward to seeing and reading more about your journey.


  4. haha!! yes, instagram… it’s hard to find the right balance. i always feel guilt too that i’m posting the same things in both places…. trying to not do that anymore πŸ™‚ or at least post more of it on the blog. your herbal adventure is SO exciting!! i would really like to learn about the digestive support. my body needs that. so many exciting things in your world… excited to see more πŸ™‚


  5. It is so fun and easy! And yes, my herbalist path is so similar to yours. On and off through the buy-ness of little ones….. then on full speed just recently. It’s exciting. I’m glad you guys are interested in hearing about my journey πŸ™‚


  6. I just sort of stopped showing up here. It’s easy to do. The herb journey has been wonderful! I’m still tweaking a digestive tea blend, but when it tastes a little better and feels right I’ll be sure to share it here. Tea infusions daily are so nourishing and so life changing! 


  7. I saw the Fire Cider recipe and I immediately thought of Rosemary Gladstar! I watched her webinar with John from Learning Herbs. I have three of her books and then I saw her signature on yours. Oh that is so cool! I can only imagine how wonderful it must have been being in the midst of those amazing herbalists. Swoon! Haha! πŸ˜‰


  8. I love instagram! πŸ™‚ Blogs have their place too but Instagram is something so lovely.
    I look forward to hearing more about your herbal journey! I have dipped my toes in it but mostly just quick remedies for kids.


  9. I am still not a smartphone user and thus, haven’t gotten into instagram. but gosh I know I’d be hard pressed to pass it up- the instant gratification and easy connection….. very nice I am sure. We have a very nice Herb Conference down here- the Southeast Women’s Herbal Conference. it is the southeastern sister of the New England conference and Rosemary will be the keynote again this year. I went for the first 5 years, then took a long break when Claire was born, then went back last year. it is some kind of wonderful, for sure!


  10. Stephinie- this makes my heart so happy to read this! Looks like you have found your niche, I love it. And that event sounds like a great time.
    And Instagram- I’ve been told I need to join, but I’ve had a hard time doing that from my computer and not from a phone. Need to figure it out.


  11. I look forward to sharing more herb-y things here in the future. It’s been so amazing to study something with such intent, and to meet such lovely people. I am in heaven πŸ™‚ And yes, instagram is where it’s at πŸ™‚ I hope you make it there!


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