in the workshop……

The last two weeks have been incredible and busy.

I wanted to share some of what we've been working on in The Workshop. My students are wonderful! I am truly enjoying this bit of time with them. I have two classes divided into age groups that run an hour and a half each week. So far we've mostly worked with clay in the younger group. In the older group we've worked with clay and watercolor……..








This week was sort of dark and gloomy on Monday and I really loved turning on the lights, and setting out materials for art, and supplies for tea making before they arrived. My older group is all girls and I'm seeing new friendships forge while they're making art. My hope is that they form their own little tribe of creative souls. Start 'em young, right?

One of my girls this week told me, "I'm just not very good at watercolor." I told her, "don't say I'm not good. Say, I'm experimenting." She laughed at me and then looked at her painting and said, "I'm experimenting with watercolor." And then she laughed again, and started painting.

We're halfway through our first session. I offered a mini four week camp to kickstart this new venture. We'll take a little break for summer in July and then start again in August with longer sessions throughout the school year and I'm dreaming of some monthly day sessions for crafting holiday give-ables and a mama's night out. 

It feels pretty magical to see this new venture take shape.




16 thoughts on “in the workshop……

  1. We used a low-fire earthenware for the pinch pots & tiles. Those will be fired in a kiln & the kids will glaze them & then we’ll fire them a second time. The puppets were made with red air dry clay I purchased at a local craft supply shop.


  2. Oh how fun! The creative souls of children are so inspiring. Love the clayworks and those faces – spooky and so lovely! What a wonderful journey you are on. 🙂


  3. That’s awesome! And such a great idea. Wish more people offered stuff like that. Cant wait to see more posts/pics of everyone’s creativities.


  4. That is awesome! I would love to have a space to teach low-key summer classes. It would be such a nice counterpart to my action-packed-550-student-art room during the school year. Good luck with your new adventure! I would be interested in a craft-Mama art night too! 🙂


  5. Oh my goodness! That is a LOT of students. I’ll keep you posted on the craft-mama-art nights this fall. I think it will be a really fun way to get together 🙂 
    (ps – on a completely different note, the display table at the symposium had your picture on it!)


  6. This might sound silly, but after having such great experiences with the kids I have for Forest Friday, I am all teary at this post. Such a wonderful thing you are doing for these kids! xx


  7. I totally get that!! My number one goal in creating this space was to provide a nurturing environment for young people to hang out in. Art was secondary. The "means to the magic" if you will. Especially with my older group, I notice a need for them to collaborate and be together…. it’s really been amazing to be part of that. xo!


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