Garden notes : June 10












You'd never guess by these photos we're in need of rain. I feel guilty looking at the trees around me as I water the garden. We've had such a dry spring, with SO MANY caterpillars. It's been really hard on all the big trees. Some of them have almost no leaves at all….. I've been collecting the caterpillars as I water and feeding them to the chickens. I don't think I'm making a dent in the population, but I must be helping my poor fruit trees and bushes a little.

Inside the garden everything is dark green and lush and growing, growing, growing. The beans and squash and melon have popped up. I'm hoping to trellis them. I did better with spacing this year (I really struggle with that) so things appear to have more room for growing…

And the blossoms! Tomato, peas, chive, blackberry, arugula. I let the arugula go to flower just to see what they looked like. Then I cut it all down and pureed it up with a bit of olive oil, lemon, and salt. I froze it into ice cubes, it will be delicious on pizzas or in soups & sauces. Arugula was the only salad-like green I planted this year as we get so many delicious greens in our CSA. I'm learning what we need extra of and planting my garden to compliment our farm share. The chive flowers have been sprinkled over our salads and some chive aioli dipping sauce I made for artichokes. I am in love with those tiny purple flowers!

Even though the garden is small, it's the biggest I've ever tended to. I've been making a list of "to do's" at the beginning of the week and then try to get just one task done each day during the week. This has been helpful as my weekends have been so full the last month or so. (Herb School and a conference this weekend!) 

Tell me, what's going on in your gardens? Leave a link if you're keeping notes.




11 thoughts on “Garden notes : June 10

  1. I need to adjust our garden for our CSA next year, too. We get so much green stuff from the CSA that we’ve hardly touched the lettuce I planted in the garden (which is now bolting). I think next year I may dedicate my lettuce space to something we get less of in the CSA.


  2. My garden this year is the smallest I have ever had and it’s just perfect for this stage of my life. I had a little problem with caterpillars munching away on my kale, and while I think I got them all, I’m not sure. Too bad they didn’t want to snack on a little squash, I am over run with it, but that’s always the way. We have been terrible dry too, but last night had a good old summer storm and I now have standing water in the road.
    Happy gardening.


  3. That is exactly what I did last year! I ended up feeding a lot of lettuce to our chickens. I planted a TON of herbs, last year I froze them in ice cubes with butter & lemon. I loved having the flavor of fresh herbs to add to things all winter. And they take up such a small amount of space. I also planted zucchini, tomatoes, peas, and beans. All things we could eat extra of. I miss picking a salad right from the backyard….. but a salad from the next town over is still pretty good 🙂


  4. They will all turn into lovely gypsy moths. And I do like moths. (this is what I remind myself) But goodness! I am so tired of them falling out of the trees and landing on me. I can take their little poops falling everywhere…. but getting them in my hair is not my favorite. And guess what? After the first round, the chickens have decided they don’t like them either!! I’ll be glad when they all spin up their cocoons in the next week or so.


  5. Have you tried netting? It isn’t pretty, but it’s the only thing that every worked for me. I like the fine mesh better… sort of like mosquito netting. But the blueberry farm we go to has the ENTIRE thing netted (sides & top) with green wide netting. You go IN to pick. It works really well for them though!


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