In the studio……….












I know, that's a whole lotta pictures!!

The studio is pretty much finished up with its little makeover. I am so happy to have fresh paint on the walls. The old brownish grey is gone and everything looks fresh and clean. It took 3 gallons of paint! 3 coats!! I picked up some new lights at IKEA and this winter we got a bargain on that ceiling fan….. not yet knowing where it would go…… but knowing one should never turn down a ceiling fan at 75% off. I've got some curtain rod ideas in the works for the windows next to the table. Oh the table! It's our old dining room table. We moved it in and moved another smaller table into the dining room….. we all eat at the kitchen island these days, so it just made sense. Joe built me that AMAZING shelf for my little nook. I love it! Lots of little momentos tucked into that happy corner. And my favorite (ugly Joe says) thrift store chair, overlooking the woods and garden (and bee hive in the bottom right corner) is dreamy. It's my new favorite spot for an afternoon cup of tea.

I spent the last week dyeing, photographing, and tying up the summer limited edition silks. Coming up with names for the colors is always my favorite part. They are in the shop now for those of you interested.

And I have classes starting next month for little ones! It's going to be such a fun time. I still can't believe all of it has coming together….. 

Have a lovely weekend friends.





16 thoughts on “In the studio……….

  1. it’s so beautiful!!!!! the windows look great! it’s all so inviting! those stools!!!
    where’s your sewing machine? your cutting table! I so wish I had a taller table like that!
    my favorite is your nook. it’s so you! drink a cup of coffee in that chair for me!
    xo – a


  2. the name for each color is absolutely perfect πŸ™‚ and your space! oh my goodness! i am so in love πŸ™‚ i love watching a studio space come together.


  3. My seeing machines are in the big square table by the nook. I just get them out when I need them. Which is most of the time! And sew at the big table. Coffee in that chair sending love to my dear ones done regularly. xoxo~


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