a year of hats : march (and paint too)



I almost had my hat finished this month and then realized I goofed up on the decrease while talking to Joe in the car. I'm not really good at talking and counting, I guess. So I have to pull it back out and redo it. It's close though! Just in time for spring biking weather for the hat wearer I am gifting it to. (it's this yarn and this pattern.)

It was a slow knitting month….. but a huge house project month. I've been in the studio every weekend. Cleaning, decluttering. And now painting! I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to paint over the flat tannish-off-white paint in there. It's original to the addition that was built on the house over 15 years ago….. long overdo for some love. I finally chose a shade of white. Don't giggle, it took f-o-r-e-v-e-r. Joe was sweet as could be listening to me ramble on about the undertones being the right shade for the light coming in. I want it to glow in there when the sun comes up. We'll see….. We've got two coats on but we ran out of time and paint. It really needs one more coat, but the littles and I are heading out tomorrow to the deep south. So it has to wait for now…..

Louisiana, here we come!! Sunshine. Friends. Warmth. Oh my. We are so excited!!

I won't be checking in here for a good ten days or so…. but I will be on instagram if you'd like to come along on our southern adventure.

See you soon!



5 thoughts on “a year of hats : march (and paint too)

  1. Hi Stephinie,
    Glad to see you’re still here…your posts haven’t shown up in my feedly since your winter chores post. Any ideas? I tried to refresh, and then remove you and re-add you, but still not showing your last few posts. Also wanted to share that my gals use the bags that you made every day. They love them to pieces and are just the right size for treasures (and carrying on their own!).
    Many thanks.


  2. Hi Laura, thanks for bringing that to my attention! I had no idea. I’m not sure why it suddenly stopped working….. I added my blog to my feedly and it is stuck in the same spot. I’m emailing a few people to try and figure it out! In the meantime, you can subscribe to the newsletter! I only send out 2-3 a month…. so it’s not overwhelming you’ll be up to date on the freshest posts here. I’m so glad your girls love their bags 🙂


  3. Oh, that is gorgeous knitting. I’m not a knitter but do appreciate a lovely stitch. Hopping over to IG to see what else you are up to!


  4. Good morning!
    I really must get on Instagram, but it’s finding the time to learn something new. I get so set in my ways (technology-wise) and keeping up with how quickly it changes makes me crazy! I guess this is what summer vacations are for.
    I saw the Irene Adler book in your sidebar. Is it any good? I love most things related to Sherlock Holmes and she is definitely a favorite character. And have you watched Sherlock on BBC or Netflicks?? It is the BEST adaptation that I’ve seen so far, although there are so many fun ones.


  5. Sophie LOVES that series. We have not watched the BBC series…… but I have heard they are very good. Instagram is pretty fun! It’s easy to get the hang of too (which is perfect for me, ahem. not too tech savvy).


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