winter chores…..










It's nowhere near a real farm, I know. But there are morning chores just the same. Especially in the winter when water freezes and snow covers the floor of the coops. Everyone needs fresh water. A bit of hay or straw. Perhaps some shoveling to clear away snow under their feet. The chickens have been spoiled with sunflower seeds, leftover dried marigold petals from the garden last summer, freeze-dried mealworms and organic cracked grains. They squawk and cackle at us as soon as they see us emerge from the garage, bundled up in jackets and gloves (sometimes over our pajamas), buckets of food and water in hand. Such a funny flock of ladies. Maggie is always with us, sure to dig through snow to try and find a stick. Or a mouse. She always follows me out to check on the bees, even though the snow is over her belly.

These pictures were just a week ago. Our last (I'm hoping) bit of snow. Now the weather has shifted, the snowdrifts are melting, the hum from the beehive is growing louder and mud season is beginning…. more on hope, dreams and melting snow next time.



8 thoughts on “winter chores…..

  1. Even if they were taken a week ago your photos are so different from the world I live in and I willingly admit to being totally envious! I so wanted snow and thought we would see it this year, but nope, not a flake.


  2. Sounds like we are a couple of weeks ahead of you guys in the warm up….minus the stupid amounts of snow. I saw my first bee and butterfly yesterday and we are starting to green up. Definitely mud season! Ick


  3. I’ve seen bees here too, lol!! This winter broke the record in Boston this year…. over 108 inches!! Crazy! But it is melting slowly. Spring is winning….. even though it might snow more tomorrow. (I’m ignoring the forecast!) Bring on the MUD!!


  4. I can’t imagine what it would be like to work in such weather. We have stifling heat at the moment and I’m more likely to find a snake, lizard, peacock or wild geese in our chicken coop than snow, or even rain. It must be wonderful to be on the edge of the seasons and feel the new weather taking shape right before you. Our seasons aren’t so pronounced – they change so slowly we hardly notice it.


  5. The seasons were more subtle when we lived in the south…. sometimes I do miss the mild weather… and right now I even miss the heat! My body is craving sunshine & warmth for sure……
    But it will come. Spring is on the way……


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