There's been a lot of reading this winter. Cozied up next to the fire book in lap…. watching it snow, snow, snow. As I decluttered our library area a few weeks back, I found myself reading several favorite picture books. We've acquired quite the collection over these 18+(gulp) years of parenting. I was reminded that I've been wanting to pull together a regular list of good picture books. Both from our own shelves and the always heavy library bag.

Here are two recent library favorites…..

The first book is Kid Sheriff and the Terrible Toads written by Bob Shea and illustrated by Lane Smith. We love this because it's FUNNY! The story is about some bad guys aka "the terrible toads" who are a bit cheeky and "steal your gold, kiss your cattle, and insult your chili". Then Hope rides in on a turtle. Slowly. And while he doesn't seem to know a lot about crime-fighting, he does know a lot about dinosaurs. You'll have to read it to see if he saves the day….. and I'm pretty sure you'll get a lot of giggles too.









You got a bonus cute dog picture in there. That's the face she makes when I say the words "dog food".

The second book is Julia's House for Lost Creatures, written & illustrated by Ben Hatke. I LOVED this book. Julia moves into town and things are too quiet for her. So she puts up a sign to welcome lost creatures. All sorts of fun and unusual creatures begin to show up. The house gets loud and full…. and things get a little chaotic. And messy. (does this sound familiar to anyone else?) Julia has to figure out how everyone can work together…… It's a really sweet story with magical illustrations.

Enjoy. (and feel free to leave your own current favorite)




14 thoughts on “reading

  1. I will have to share these books with Emerson, I think she would really like them. According to my daughter Emerson is loving the Bad Kitty books, she says they remind her of my cat Bette. 🙂


  2. I am always looking for good books to read to my kids. My 5 year old currently loves The Baby Tree by Sophia Blackall. Mr. Putter and Tabby books are also enjoyed here. And, of course, I am reading the 4th Harry Potter book to my two oldest. But, surprisingly, they also love (as much, or more, as HP, thank goodness) The Golden Road by L.M. Montgomery. We finished the Story Girl first, and it was a big hit.


  3. Our current favorites (for our 2 and 4 year old daughters) are Knuffle Bunny, and there are three of them! We just discovered #3 at a used bookstore this weekend, it was quite exciting. And we love the Corduroy books,Pete the Cat and my personal favorite, I Love You Forever. I can’t ever get through the whole thing without choking up. I can’t wait to read them Stuart Little, Charlotte’s Web and the Little House series, as my Mom did for my sister and I. 🙂


  4. We really enjoyed “Two Speckled Eggs” by Jennifer Mann… a book for understanding introverts & eccentrics, like me
    And Knuffle Bunny of course! (the 3rd one makes me choke up)


  5. Love, love, LOVE Knuffle Bunny!! My dad would jokingly read it to the kids and pronounce it “kah-nuffle” bunny. So silly…. it got a lot of laughs! All those books are lovely! I’m with you on the I Love You Forever book!


  6. Good morning!
    My kids and I have recently been listening to the How to Train Your Dragon books by Cressida Cowell and they are spectacular! We listen to audio books in the car and these are read by David Tennant. (I know tv is not a thing in your house, but he is well known for being in Dr. Who and he is great.) He reads in his native Scottish accent and does a bunch of distinctly different voices and it makes the books so much fun. My oldest is a year or two younger than Luke, and the books that Luke is reading right now would be perfect for her to read on her own. I especially think that Julia’s Home for Lost Creatures is a must-buy for her. But I have been impressed by how much her vocabulary and her descriptions have increased since introducing the audio books. And Cressida Cowell can seriously write descriptions with sensory details! Anyways, I thought I’d recommend the series, because if it gets yours laughing and giggling like mine, you will enjoy them tremendously.


  7. Thank you 🙂 That is on our list to read! We purchased the audio and the paper book to read. (and we do some tv:) I think Dr Who will be a thing here in the future. So many of their friends are super into it! I totally agree with you on audio books and vocabulary…… the same is true for Luke. The audio books made it so much easier for him to be part of his big sister’s abscission with Percy Jackson, and he LOVED the audio series. Greek and Roman Mythology tends to rule our days right now! 


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