alaska in february…….

Joe & I got away last week for the quickest trip ever to Cordova. Yes, just the two of us. My brother chose us as godparents for the newest little one in the family, who we were so excited to meet! We really enjoyed seeing everyone, getting lots of nephew love, and visiting with mom. She's doing amazing….. it was so good to see her.

As quick trips tend to be, the long weekend was a whirlwind. We couldn't land in Cordova the first day due to fog, so we had an impromptu overnight in Juneau where we ate halibut fish and chips and drank good beer while we watched college students sing karaoke. (and we felt kind of old) We ran out to the airport one afternoon to see an old friend who was passing through. He was headed home to Sitka from a weekend of skiing in Anchorage, and the flight makes several stops, one being Cordova. He ran off the plane, we gave each other a hug and laughed, and then he got back on. We celebrated an early 40th birthday for a certain someone (not me). Had a lovely brunch with some sweet friends and their brand new baby girl. Joe got his long expired license renewed at the DMV, which was a hilarious fiasco involving the dismantling of the DMV camera and Joe's mechanic abilities to get it working. Only in rural Alaska would someone come in on her day off to renew someone's license. Lots of nephew hugs and silliness. And a bit of fun chaos chasing four labradors around. (yes, those ones…. they're huge!) It was crazy. But Alaska managed to do that thing it always does to me. Pull at my heartstrings with it's beauty. The mountains. The people. The salt in the air…..

And fifty-degree weather didn't hurt either……. 






And now we're home. Getting settled back into the rhythm of our days…..




8 thoughts on “alaska in february…….

  1. I would think Alaska would be buried in snow. I guess all the cold weather is going to the northeast. So glad to hear you had a great time. It was fun to see the IG pictures!


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