well, there’s snow…..









It's doing it again right now.


Thank goodness Joe built a plow. (Out of a riding mower without a mowing deck and a plow blade – both given to him by people moving). He taught the girl how to drive it and this last storm she scooped snow to the edge of our ever shrinking driveway and he shoveled it over the berm. 

I'm actually not sick of it, the snow, which I hate to admit because I know a lot of you are. But the truth is, it doesn't really cramp my style. Only one of the kids gets snow days. So does the man, but that's kind of a sweet deal. It piles up. I get a workout from shoveling. I need that workout, believe me. I need the motivation to get out there. Work to be done does that. Except when the guy gets a snow day and he says I should spend the day in the studio. And so I do. There was that one part where the roof had to be shoveled, and the enormous icicles entangled the outdoor lights I had forgotten to take down, and we used a dozen or more buckets of hot water (which I sent out the second floor window to Joe who was on the roof) to melt a huge ice dam threatening to damage our roof. That part was a little crappy. 

But the rest of it? The garden is under nearly three feet. Dogs wade belly deep to try and find their beloved sticks. We are all bundled in layer upon layer to keep warm. Extra seeds get tossed on top of the snow for our forest friends and to our chickens. The bees quietly buzz away. Snowflakes on your nose. Kids playing in a hammock and flailing themselves off into the fluff. As it starts falling again, I can stand still and watch for what seems like forever. A little in love, a little in awe. I'm convinced it is one of the last magical things as a grown up as I watch it flutter from heaven to the earth…. yeah, I'm still kinda digging it. With soul and biceps.




10 thoughts on “well, there’s snow…..

  1. It would seem winter all but left us and went to you all. February has been the warmest we’ve seen in a long time. I knew the crazy snow must be magical though! Oh my sounds wonderful!


  2. Every winter I moan and groan and grumble and whatever else may come from my mouth due to the snow, weather and cold we get here in Anchorage. My body doesn’t cooperate with what I want to do ( ski, snowboard, snow shoe, hike ) and im very thankful I know how to drive in snow and ice with no problems other than the other drivers on the road. This year tho… its weird. Im moaning and groaning and grumbling and whatever else may come from my mouth due to there NOT being any snow. Part of me is super happy and doing little dances but then part of me is like.. UMMM HEY!!! We have less than a foot of snow at my house and yesterday it was 47 degrees…. In February… in ALASKA!! Its just not right. A small part of me wishes we had snow like you guys do. A big part of me is happy we don’t.. but there is that feeling of feeling jipped out of winter this year. Course, it is only February and we still have March which is when we usually get our big storms… *sigh* Bright side is we may get a longer summer this year. LOL who knows.


  3. I don’t really do any winter sports either. So I totally get the being stuck inside part. I’m terrible about exercising though, so having to shovel is good for me. And I can’t believe you’ve had such a warm winter! We’re headed to Cordova for the weekend for little man’s baptism and I’m looking forward to warmer weather for a few days! Longer summer *always* sounds good! xo~


  4. Impressive that you are not tired of it yet. I do love to watch snow coming down. We’ve just got a dusting of snow covered in ice with a dusting of snow on top. It is pretty miserable. I’d love to be in a 3 foot drift. But, I’d love even more for spring to come!


  5. I’m not sick of snow yet, either. Bring it! Although I heard there might be rain in the forecast (how is that possible when it hasn’t been anywhere near 32 degrees all month?!?), and that would be a drag.


  6. oh my goodness! what a magical winter wonderland!! we haven’t had any snow this year. it is still possible that the weather will turn on us and that we will get it but here -on the opposite side of the country- 🙂 it is like spring! warm sun, so much green, flowers popping up everywhere, bees!! i’ve been seeing bumblebees! and the birds and frogs my goodness they are talking up a storm. it is crazy! we all keep looking around and saying “this is february isn’t it?” and then when shrug our shoulders. but i do think it has us all a little nervous.


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