a year of hats : january

This year I wanted to take on a few longterm creative projects. Nothing huge, just a practice of coming back to something regularly. For my knitting, I thought of hats. Hats are such a quick, easy & fun project. I love the luxury of picking out fancy yarn for a hat. It's affordable to splurge when it is just one skein at a time. And they make SUCH wonderful gifts. I think Elizabeth Zimmerman had the right idea about knitting for the holidays throughout the year and I hope to make this year the one that I finally get a few steps ahead of the handmade gifting. So each month I plan to share a pattern and a few finished hats with you here. 

First up : The Betsy




I first saw this gorgeous hat when Jackie posted it here. (Actually, I think Jackie's version of this hat is the reason I finally joined instagram too.) I've been a long time swooner of Jane Richmond's patterns, ever since forever ago when I knit up that oatmeal sweater. Her patterns are very well written and I really looooove this hat. My first one was knit up in Luna Grey's bulky Apollo in the spice color-way. The second was two strands of Berroco Peruvia in a soft grey that I no longer have the color name for. The orange for me (goofy selfie here) was a fitted version and the grey for Jade is the slouchy version. It's a mock cable, with an easy to remember pattern. In bulky yarn it flies of the needles in no time! And it's gorgeous!

Thank you Sophie for modeling your big sister's hat for me.

What are you knitting? Do share….




12 thoughts on “a year of hats : january

  1. I just learned to spin yarn with a drop spindle so this evening I am knitting up that bit of yarn I just spun. It’s turning into a doll blanket as there isn’t much of it.


  2. Yes! Especially when it knits up like this one….. it’s just so pretty! I’m on to the see stitch one next….. seeing as I have a fresh supply of beautiful bulky yarn 🙂


  3. Oh you spinners…… I am so impressed with that ability! Try as I might, I am no spinner. I just sold my wheel and hope to purchase a loom sometimes this year. The doll blanket sounds lovely though! And of course it will be loved by little hands at you place too…. which is just the perfect thing for anything handspun (lots of love!)


  4. Love the hat. Thanks for introducing me to Jane Richmond’s work. I am knitting on a lap blanket made of naturally dyed linen/cotton. I have 3 more skeins to go before I’m finished. I am looking forward to moving on to something new.


  5. Gorgeous! I’m intrigued by the concept of “mock cable”…I just knitted up a bunch of cabled hats, but how great to get that look and not fuss with (and lose, repeatedly) a cable needle.


  6. She has beautiful patterns, doesn’t she? The blanket sounds amazing! I’ve yet to take on something that size…… someday. When our cat no longer lives here…. he like to chew on handknits!


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