a good nor’easter…..

So late last week I wrote this whole blog post about winter having failure to commit. I think I said something like if it wasn't going to snow, it could just forget about being winter and let spring come.

The following morning before I posted it, Joe sat chuckling over the weather forecast while I sipped my first cup of coffee. It seems winter had read my mind, and had just a little bit of snow in the plans….











I think we got around 20 inches or so. It was hard to tell because the wind blew SO much that we had 3+ foot drifts in some spots. Like the entire back porch! The big kid, Joe & I spent around 5 hours shoveling. It was insane. And beautiful. And we've enjoyed playing in it. 

Today I stayed in the warm studio, tidying, while Joe & Sophie built a snow cave. I laughed at my teenagers….. peering over the balcony at the icy house construction below. In bare feet! And shorts! What is it with kids this age? They crack me up. Meanwhile, I am in the study in wool socks. Slippers. Layers upon layers of fleece. Cozy.

There is soup simmering on the stove for supper and I didn't even make it. The best kind of dinner, right? The snow cave builders are just coming in with smiles and rosy cheeks. Two whole snow days! Such a treat.

Thank you winter…. sorry for thinking you weren't going to come through.

Hope all of you are cozy.



15 thoughts on “a good nor’easter…..

  1. I noticed the bare feet in the deck photo and way like “Really, how do they stand it?”. Being from the south, it is hard to imagine. I love the beauty of snow but gee wiz, mother nature went a little overboard! 🙂


  2. I laughed at those bare legs and feet too. Yow! We’re enjoying our big drifts of snow, with more falling as we speak. I think winter finally decided to commit. 🙂


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