a word for 2015…….


I've been thinking a lot about a word for the new year. While it isn't something I usually talk about a lot here in this space….. it's something I've done for a few years now in my own heart. Sometimes it takes me the whole month of January to find the word…. or better yet, for it to find me. A lot has shifted these last few months. I have gone from a state of complete upheaval to new footing entirely. I find myself looking at many of my habits with a new set of eyes. It's been very….. introspective… I suppose. Which is a nice way of saying difficult.

I have some things in the works….. right now I am in the behind the scenes phase. Tidying, organizing, planning. I'll have more to share as I pull all the bits of pieces together…

For now, I wanted to share my word of the year : seek

Did you pick a word for the year? I'd love to hear it…..




32 thoughts on “a word for 2015…….

  1. Mmm, seek. I like it. I haven’t officially picked a word, but the one buzzing around me is “intention”…rather than moving through life slap-dash, I’d like to put each foot down deliberately in front of the other and move in the direction I intend to go.


  2. “Seek” is a lovely choice! Last year my word was “expand.” Now that there is more space, this year I will “fill” – both myself and work to fill others as well.


  3. Funny, I almost never talk about my word either, but it is a beautiful part of the turn of the new year. This year has been a tough one for us, and as a couple, my husband and I chose adventure as our word. We are already trying hard to live up to it, and it is bringing some fun to these dark days on winter.
    I think that seek is a beautiful choice, and I hope you share a bit more through the year about it’s relevance in your days.


  4. I put some deep thought into my word for a few days.. At first I didn’t think it was going to come to me. But then one day while doing the dishes and off in my own little world of Pandora it came to me. My words (yes two) is Healthy ME. This year I am putting ME first. My health mainly. I have to start eating better and putting my health first no matter what. It sounds selfish to me but its what I need to do. I have weight to lose for my hip surgery and if I don’t get healthy I cant have that surgery. Without the surgery I cant walk and eventually my leg will fall out of my barely there hip socket. My husband is having a hard time with it. Thinks I don’t want to eat his food or that im too good for his food. LOL Men.. in his defense he does make killer food.. but, its not healthy. Adding broccoli to something super salty doesn’t make it healthy. I tried explaining that to him but he doesn’t listen. Anyhoo, my life is going to revolve around a healthier me this year. Hopefully next year my word will be recovery.


  5. “Lemonade”. Not a dazzling word, but better than “scary.”
    Making lots of it, anyway…. Plenty of lemons this year so far…. Just need to find something to spike it with…


  6. Yes! My word(s) is “well-being & recovery”.. too much illness, stress, and racing around the last few years. Taking this year to be well in myself and family, take stock, and GO SLOW! 🙂


  7. “Seek” is a great word. Every word I’ve heard or read that others have picked has resonated with me as well. But, my word for this year is “Beauty” Thanks for putting yours out there and encouraging us to do the same!


  8. I did pick a word. My word is Focus. I so often do things in a half completed way because I don’t focus on one thing at a time. This one is so difficult for me. I’m glad I have the whole year to work on it.


  9. Mine is “faith”. I have a chronic illness that has become debilitating…combined with trauma from a young age. Long story short…because of the trauma my ability to trust or have faith isn’t the greatest. So this year I am trying to have faith in the healing process, have faith in my body, have faith in my heart’s ability to heal from trauma, have faith in my doctors and practitioners and faith in myself as a mother. Faith is counter to the hyper vigilance of trauma. So it is where I need to grow.


  10. Nurture. This is my word for 2015. I am in a state of trying to determine how this will look now because the first few weeks of this year have already revealed to me this is indeed what I, we, he, she, me all need. The universe is doing its grand push and pull already and it is only January. Nurture.


  11. Seek. Oh what adventures a true seeker may find! My word for the year is ROOTS. Finally setting down some roots, new home, new town, a place to grow for my children and for myself. Wow, I can’t wait to for these ROOTS to dig in a bit deeper. ❤


  12. Adventure is awesome! I think if my husband picked a word it would be something like that….. he is definitely up for making some family adventures this year…. and they all involve a tent and the woods 🙂


  13. I am swooning over that one….. and hoping that someday that will be my word too. I dream of settling down and spreading these gypsy roots of mine. Someday…. Happy root spreading to you!


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