Cousins L-R in the front row : Kayte, me, David, & my little brother Jake

An oldie of my family and my cousin's family. This picture is kind of like the human version of the Country Mouse City Mouse story. Our family was living in rural Idaho and we drove to southern California to visit our family, the beach, and go to Disney. (so. many. people!) About two summers later they came to visit us and I'd like to think David had just as much fun running around the woods with my brother and his trusty bb gun. (also, at about 6 and a half feet tall, David is taller than every one of us now!)

Fast forward about 25 years and we're mostly all married with kids and real jobs and stuff like that. David's big sister Kayte & I are just six months apart in age, and have stayed very close despite usually living on opposite coasts. Our families have stayed connected through facebook and holiday cards, these guys were amazing support to me over the summer when my mom had her accident. 

David started his own business this year. He and his wife poured their resources into a fully equipped plumbing truck. I loved seeing family and friends spread the news about him, getting his name out there. They are expecting their first baby in four months, and everyone was really happy to see things going so great for them. 

Two days ago, his truck was stolen. Right out of the driveway of their home. Someone actually stole his job and livelihood out of his front yard. The truck was found the next day, but the $20k in tools and materials were no longer inside of it. While the truck was insured, the contents were not. My cousin & his wife were devastated. They had put everything into this new beginning. It felt impossible to even imagine how they could start over…..

That's where friends and family come in. People started reaching out, offering whatever they could to help them get back on their feet. I am such a believer in the goodness of people, and it is so amazing to see my cousin be lifted up like this. He's humble, and filled with gratitude. 

I know the holidays are a time when budgets are tight, but if you'd like to make a donation to this beautiful little family, we would all so much appreciate it. The donation page is here. There really isn't an amount too small, and even sharing it in your social media world will help them out!

Thank you so much!



ps – David, I hope you don't mind the dorky picture of us as kids all over the internet. I figure if I was going to ask people for a few bucks to help you out they could at least get a laugh out of it!

pps – If their fund meets it's goal…. I will share a photo of younger self holding a guinea pig, rocking a sweet pair of1980's parachute pants. 


5 thoughts on “cousins!

  1. I hope it works out. I hope they raise the funds they need. My brother lost all his tools once (out of the work truck), but luckily his were insured. Devastating!


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