just this……

As I type this up I hear a rather serious conversation in the next room while the biggest kid (he's 18, can I still call him the big kid?) cleans up from dinner. The youngest two are discussing some very crucial details of Star Wars. That's the benefit of having someone trapped in a room with a job to do….. absolute attentiveness…..

just this......

just this......

just this......

just this......

just this......

just this......

There is a constant stack of packages outgoing. Especially this time of year, I do love sending bits of things I made to other happy little homes. It's like being part of the magic… if that makes sense. Both the things going out via shop sales and gifts to family and friends. Tiny jars of honey making a debut. I hope they all know how special those are….

Another peek of the dining room…. someday the rain will stop and I'll show you around officially. But you can see some fresh lighting and the frames Joe built. And twinkly lights. They're everywhere. Along windows. Banisters. Strung around little brothers when no one is looking….. ahem.

I updated the book list for you. Our favorite winter books. Do those links work? Sometimes I click them and nothing happens… not sure if that is the deal for everyone. And speaking of books…. evenings by the fire while reading has been such a beautiful ending to the busy days we've been having. Freshly second hand from Amazon is this gem. Loving it a whole, whole lot!

And did I mention how I swoon over those twinkly white lights?

Happy evening to you all….




16 thoughts on “just this……

  1. Of course you can call the 18 year old a kid, he’s your kid after all. I still call all of my kids babies and four of them are over 6′ tall, but they are my babies. πŸ™‚
    I am loving twinkly white lights here too!


  2. Oh yeah πŸ™‚ Happy to have inspired you….. I just set up my kitchen tree (a branch really) last night. I love having a tiny “tree” tucked into the corner of the kitchen during this time of year πŸ™‚


  3. Haha! So good to know…. my littlest tells me he will always be my baby. So sweet! My biggest is nearly six foot and it still feels strange to give that big man cub a hug…. makes me giggle. when I am aware of how much bigger he is than me!


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