handmade holiday gifting {2}

Yesterday sort of ran away from me. I had a heap of errands to run and braved the grocery store in pre-turkey-day-plus-pre-first-big-snow-of-the-season chaos. This meant there was no milk, toilet paper, or cream cheese.  At the register with my giant turkey, the cashier balked at the price and made sure it was right. Yes, I told her. And I'll be back the day after turkey day bright and early to see if there are any hippie turkeys left that might be on sale. That's about the only "black Friday" sale I have interest in. Something tells the grocery store will be quiet that day.

While I ran endless errands, the kids listened to Percy Jackson on audio. The library trip in the beginning proved to be a lifesaver for us all. We made it home with enough time to put farm veggies and groceries away. Make a quick salad and huevos rancheros for dinner. And head back out the door for parent teacher conferences at the high school. Phew. And if that was not enough excitement, the FIRE ALARM went off at 2:15 a.m!! Causing great chaos as Joe (in his undies) and I bolted from our room where Sam met us wide-eyed from the top of the basement stairs and the three of us checked the other kids and the house. At least three times over. Finding nothing. Thank God. Joe & I were both still a little rattled this morning and decided we needed to do a fire drill and let the kids practice sliding from the roof. 

But gosh, I guess I got completely distracted. I'm really here to share another simple giftable project with you.

Silk & lavender eye pillows!

handmade holiday gifting {2}

handmade holiday gifting {2}

handmade holiday gifting {2}

handmade holiday gifting {2}

handmade holiday gifting {2}


There is really nothing like rewarding yourself with a few quiet minutes of relaxation. (especially if you've an esepcially chotic day!)

This luxurious eye pillow can be filled with buckwheat groats, wheat berries, or rice for gentle pressure on the eyes. Lavender adds relaxing aromatherapy benefits. This thick charmeuse silk is durable and fairly easy to sew. It can be purchased at Dharma Trading. The 6×24 inch silk scarf is big enough for one eye pillow, but I suggest buying the 15×60 scarf and making up a few eye pillows as gifts (the larger silk will make 5 eye pillows!). You can purchase it by the yard too. Also at Dharma, you can purchase a small 2 ounce jar of Dharma Acid Dye to dye your silk scarf. They have many tutorials on how to do this. It’s fun, easy, and makes a beautiful one of a kind piece of fabric for your project. (this dye works on wool too!) Be sure to rinse your dyed silk well, dry and gently iron on a low setting before proceeding with the project.



silk fabric (see details above)

a fresh sharp needle on your sewing machine

thread for sewing

1 cup dried lavender

2 cups un-toasted buckwheat groats, wheat-berries, rice (or other small heavy grain)



Cut your silk fabric into two 5.5 x 12 inch rectangles. Right sides together (this is the shiny slippery side), pin and stitch the silk pieces together starting about a half inch in from the top corner. Stitch all the way around and then turn the silk & stitch back where you began, creating a double seam all the way around the silk. See the photo for illustration. Backstitch to prevent unraveling & remove from the machine.

Clip the corners as shown, being careful not to get too close to your seam. Turn the silk pillow right side out, you can use a knitting needle or similar blunt tipped item to help turn the corners inside out. Fill with 1 cup of dried lavender and 2 cups of your chosen grain. You can use more or less grain to create the fullness you are after.

Hand or machine stitch the opening closed. If you use buckwheat groats, find un-toasted ones. I find toasted ones to have a strong scent that interferes with the lavender. Gently kneading the pillow will activate the lovely lavender scent. You can also add a few drops of essential oil to the grains instead of the dried lavender if you'd like a different scent. Just adjust the grains to make up for leaving the lavender out.

You're all done. You can sew a few of these up easily in an afternoon. Be sure to keep one for yourself!

Lay back, place your eye pillow over your eyes & relax…..




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5 thoughts on “handmade holiday gifting {2}

  1. Holy cow! That post was so much fun to read! Talk about a crazy day! I’m glad your house and your family are all ok. no fun waking up to that noise in the middle of the night. Sometimes they’ll just go off when their batteries need to be changed. So how did the fire drill go?
    Are the kids loving Percy Jackson? It is absolutely one of my favorite series. Rick Riordan is a genius. I’ve heard rumor that he is working on a series with Norse gods. I teach middle school Language Arts and Reading, and his books are so much fun. We are just finishing up a unit on The Lightning Thief and Greek/Roman Mythology that the kids have loved and we’re having a Greek Party for them. I’ve had parents secretly donating blue candy for weeks now and we’re going to surprise the kids with a Blue Candy Buffet! Not healthy, I know, but so much fun. 🙂
    I don’t know if you’ve ever read the Septimus Heap books, but they are amazing. Surpassing the Harry Potter books in the wizarding genre if you ask me. I was very excited to learn that Angie Sage has started a second series called the Todhunter series, featuring a female protagonist. I think it’s one your Jade might enjoy. It does have some crossover characters from Septimus, though, so it might be better to read that series first. (Although I’ve heard the audio books are great!)


  2. Thank you Cheryl! I had forgotten about those. My oldest son read a few of them…… and I *think* Jade may have read the first few books too. I’ll have to check with her. Sophie has devoured every book in the Percy Jackson & Heroes of Olympus series since the start of school. And now we are onto the audios of the first series with all three of us listening. She is completely obsessed with Roman and Greek mythology and it is SO FUN to watch. I love it when they get this excited about something. The blue candy buffet sounds pretty exciting too! I think a little candy is well worth getting kids excited about literature…. and making it come alive for them! Thanks again for the book suggestions…. I just added them to our list! (ps – it WAS the battery!!)


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