round here…..




Oh my, it's that time of year for me….

I am sewing and dyeing and photographing. Getting ready for a BIG shop update next week and a wonderful Art Faire in Cape Cod next weekend. It's my only holiday show this winter. Last year, while wonderful, was too full with a fair in December at my busiest season. It's a learning curve. Balancing family, our traditions, and small business affairs. 

I've been stalking (daily) the tracking numbers on the notecards I ordered. They should be here tomorrow. I know a few of you saw them on facebook and helped me narrow down my selection. (Thank you!) I chose eight prints. Seven from the album I shared and one that is a surprise. I can't wait to show them to you! 

Also in the studio….. doll quilts for the holidays. I made star quilts this year. I really, really love the way they came out. The star is quilted, all natural fibers, all Anna Maria Horner fabric, and no binding for a modern twist. I made several with the reds & pinks and I'm making more with the blues you see on the left. I need help deciding on a background color…. cream or soft blue/grey? What do you think? 

In other news… we've been painting. My homeschool/dining room currently is uhm, well… a mess.

New lighting. Fresh color. We just finished the kitchen too! Once it all comes together I'll share more photos.

Oh yes, and there is a show at three. The things these kids do when the mama is sewing away….




12 thoughts on “round here…..

  1. Thank you  🙂 I had so much fun sewing up those stars and thinking of little ones wrapping their dollies in them. Four of these stars make the perfect sized crib quilt. Might have to make one of those next…. just for fun. I do think quilting is my favorite!


  2. We moved our couch too! Right in front of the fireplace. So we all crowd around with books and knitting and hang out…. it’s perfect. Thank you for the sweet words about my work 🙂 xo~


  3. Lovely projects, Stephanie. I’d go with blue for background. Thanks for sharing them. My mom used to say that paint is the smart man’s way to renovate. So true. Love that colour.


  4. So true about the paint! We’ve got a few rooms down and it makes so much difference for so little money. I went with the blue/grey! It looks really lovely with all those prints 🙂


  5. That boy is so funny. They are usually crafting up some big scheme (aka mess!) while I am sewing in the studio. As long as they aren’t fighting and the kitchen stays clean, I am a happy mama. And yes to paint! Our kitchen was sort of cantaloupe orange…. and is now white, plus the yellow over the tan in the dining room…. everything feels brighter cleaner and freshened up!


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