yarn along……

yarn along......

Joining in with Ginny today…

it's been awhile since I've sat with these needles….

loving the quiet rhythm of counting stitches.

Joe made me that beautiful yarn bowl… 

he's crafty, but you already knew that.

Nearly halfway through my test knit for my friend Jackie.

Loving that yellow. Swoon….

Hoping to share the finished knit with you sometime next week.

And this book just arrived (after a long wait) from the library. 

Looking forward to starting it this evening.

Are you knitting anything?





30 thoughts on “yarn along……

  1. I Knitted my first hat of the season and am proud to say it took only one day to finish( bulky yarn) .Already wrapped and gifted.Still trying to figure out the correct RT andLT method. They had many different demo’s for the same stitch. Confusing. The hat came out cute dispite a difference in the patten. Now I’m addicted again. I can’t start a new knitting project till I’m finished with my fall chores.


  2. Having finished two winter hats for my girls, I am now working on their scarves. And my mom has finally asked if I would make her something after 10 years. So I’ll be making a cowl too. 🙂


  3. I love that beautiful colour too! I have a weakness for yellow, it just makes you happy. I am waiting for the same book to arrive from the library – I think I have snuck up the list to about 5th in line!


  4. Oh I do love knitting with bulky yarn! We can talk knitting the trip up. This project has an easy rt & lt in it. I have fall chores too…. waiting…. better get some of them done I guess 🙂


  5. I can’t wait to read it. Hoping to finish it & the knitting project on our NY trip this weekend. And the yarn is so beautiful. This is my third project with Jackie’s yarn. Always love knitting with it 🙂


  6. Lovely colour. Sunshine and earth put together. I love the look of that book you have too. I am forever looking for help and inspiration on this unique path of ours. Thank you for sharing.


  7. Good morning and many hugs!
    I’m glad that my note the other day came through the way I had hoped. I really struggled for a couple of days with how to put “listening quietly” into words. (It’s almost counter-intuitive.) And I didn’t want silence to be construed as absence. We’re here when you need us – for the ups as well as the downs.
    As for that yarn and the book – they look fantastic. But it’s that crafty husband that has me floored! Is there anything that he can’t do??? I clicked on the link because the bowl looked intriguing, and I not only loved those beautiful kids covered in clay, working with their dad, but the potter’s bench was gorgeous! Very very cool. What did you end up doing with all of those pots? (I’m the kind of mom that keeps EVERYTHING my kids make, and I always wonder, what do other people do with their kids’ art?)


  8. I am knitting an aran lumber cardigan, a pair of socks and a pair of mittens to go with a hat I just finished as a Christmas gift. I’m also about to embark on a pair of fingerless gloves (black with a red cuff with white buttons) to look like mickey because my daughter is moving to Orlando for a semester to work at Disney! Yippee!!! But that is it … I’m committed to finish this aran soon.


  9. The words were perfect~
    And that potter’s bench is amazing, right? He’s got me beat a million times over with his creative mind. I’m good at precise and careful sewing…. he just dreams things up. It’s pretty awesome 😉 The kids gifted a lot of the pots and used them…. so a few got broken. The little ones hold jewelry or tweezers in the bathroom. We keep it all too!


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