friday love list…..

friday love list.....

my study space. often ending the days here with some tea or wine and twinkly lights. (on unit two of the intro course and loving it!)

i have some link love to share with you over this long weekend…..

chalkboard jar + shopping list = love

must have

geared for guys (a quilt)

crescent moon

i need a haircut

don't do it

roasted winter squash with feta and honey

life changing crackers

honeycomb shelves

rachel making my heart sing

are you with us on facebook? fun discussing random bits with you there…. recent conversation is good blogs to read, because I finally got a feedly account. come share your favorites… 

happy weekending to you… oh yes, and feel free to share some links of what you're loving!




14 thoughts on “friday love list…..

  1. I love the hair style, it is exactly what I am going for here just as soon as all the color is out of my hair. Go for it!
    Those crackers? I’ve made them and they are really good. I want to try the squash recipe, I just need cooler weather.
    Have a great weekend.


  2. Oh man, that class looks great. I’m so tempted to do it, as I sit here at the computer printing out my girls’ journal sheets for their Herb Fairies book club. I’m jealous how much more my 7 year old knows than I do. Just last week I received a big order from Mountain Rose Herbs. I can’t wait to get making some elderberry syrup today~ Keep posting all the remedies you make. Which herbal remedy book is your favorite?


  3. I *love* it. Self paced. Completely beautiful. It is online, but you can print it. I am working on the intro class and plan to go right on to the intermediate class when I am finished…. and it has a forum so you can work with other herbalists. I’ve been looking for an online program for years and this one is a perfect fit for me.


  4. It’s so good! I’ve read about herbalism a ton, and still I am learning lots of new great information in the introductory class. Tons of great printables & recipes…. so you could be printing off goodies for yourself 🙂 My favorite book of recipes is Rosemary Gladstar’s Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health. It covers everyone in the family!


  5. Oh, that’s the book I have, plus her Medicinal Herbs: A Beginner’s Guide. I guess I need to stop reading and start doing. Why is always so hard to finally just jump in with both feet? I’m still thinking about that class…


  6. I have both of those too! Another good one is Holly Bellebuono’s The Essential Herbal for Natural Health. You’ll have to let me know if you take the class! It’s really good 🙂


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