swap :: a very belated incoming & outgoing

I'm sheepishly popping in about a MONTH late to share my swap goodies from Amanda's summer blog swap. I was late sending my swap partner her package, but certainly with good reason after the longest summer ever. The good thing about sending the package out late was being able to include some of our honey! You can see the little collection of goodies I sent her below. Treats from my garden, favorite fiber shop, and personal fabric stash. Plus some shop goodies for her kiddos too.

swap - a very belated incoming & outgoing

swap - a very belated incoming & outgoing


I received my box of goodies from the lovely Marcela of Naturally Fun Days. It was actually waiting for me when I got home from Alaska after being with my mom. It was such perfect timing to have a box full of lovingly crafted goodies. Marcela & I are soul sisters for sure because I loved everything she sent…..

swap - a very belated incoming & outgoing

swap - a very belated incoming & outgoing

I really, really love participating in these swaps that Amanda pulls together. It's such a treat to send someone a box of handcrafted goodies, and of course to receive one as well. I've gotten to know a few more kindred spirits in the blog world, which is a nice reminder of why I do love this space so much.

Happy weekending to you.




PS!! I've been pooling friends on their favorite way to keep up with blogs. we just updated our computer and I can no longer subscribe to blogs via rss feed in my email without buying an app of some sort. Apple users, what are you using as an rss reader? Everyone, is there a good blog reader out there? I would love to know!


16 thoughts on “swap :: a very belated incoming & outgoing

  1. feedly is fantastic! i also use the free version and highly recommend it! it is easy to keep organized, and has this nice, clean, lovely layout.
    you received such a lovely package as well 🙂 pretty crazy that out of all of the people in the swap you sent to and received from oregon! how fun!


  2. I just keep a tab of blogs to follow on my computer which also goes along to my iPad and iPhone. I’ve found that the readers aren’t very friendly for commenting which is half the fun!
    Love the swap I was so hoping to participate but missed the deadline. Looks like a lovely batch of goodies, especially the yarn so chunky and beautiful!


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