in which this becomes a canning blog…..

in which this becomes a canning blog.....

in which this becomes a canning blog.....

in which this becomes a canning blog.....

in which this becomes a canning blog.....

in which this becomes a canning blog.....

I could have probably stopped in to write you once or twice this week.

It would have been the same thing every day. I blanched this, peeled that, pickled those and put them in a jar. Hot water bathed them all and listened to the pop-pop-pop of the jars sealing after I plucked them from the bubbling water. Hours upon hours worth of it. Every day. For the past two weeks. I think I have an addiction…

I'm not really cool enough to be a canning blog. (But Marisa sure is if you're looking for one) My canned pantry is expanding though, and I've had to buy jars three times in the last ten days. Also, why oh why is it impossible to find those simple half pint wide mouth jars. Can. Not. Locate. And I refuse to pay Amazon two bucks a piece for them. The wide mouth are my favorite because they are so freaking practical. Easy to clean & stable when stacked several high. Back to the food part though….

In the last few days I have made :

raspberry jam

peach lavender jam

spicy dilled beans

spicy basil pickled eggplant

spicy curry pickled carrots

zucchini relish

wild grape jam (which I'll show you pictures of soon. wanna be canning blog lady that I am)

With the excpetion of the raspberries that I got on sale at the grocery store, everything else was local. This makes me geek out with happiness. Quite by accident, all my recent recipes have come from Tart & Sweet (pictured) it's a good one. I just picked up Food in Jars from the library and I adore it. I have pear butter cooking in the crock-pot right now. Yum! 

Do you have a favorite canning blog or book? Do share, I'd love to check it out.

Off to start (yet another) hot water bath….





ps – thank you for the sweet words on my last post. my do they grow quickly…..


22 thoughts on “in which this becomes a canning blog…..

  1. I can’t wait to share my pantry space later this fall. Still working on getting a space carved out in the corner of the basement. I will have a full wall once apple season is done. Speaking of apples…. we got some “second” quality ones from a friend and made apple butter on the crockpot. So easy and mixed with some maple syrup and cinnamon it tastes like childhood to me. Oh how I loved apple butter when I was little 🙂


  2. The idea came from Sweet & Tart. Food in Jars has one for Pear Butter that is delicious too. I didn’t follow either to a “t” because I don’t want as much sugar in mine, but you can adjust to your own taste. Enjoy!


  3. The wide mouth jars are hard to find aren’t they? I always keep my eye out at thrift stores and Goodwills, and when I find them I pay quickly. I have been canning since I was 12 years old and still use some of the same jars.
    Your photos look really great.


  4. I just tried canning with weck jars and I love them! I know they are expensive but they are so easy to use. Every single batch of ball jars I’ve bought in the last year has broken on me. Bad luck three times in a row but so much money wasted. The only canning book I have is Ashley English’s book. I like that one alot.


  5. it all sounds so delicious!! especially that peach lavender jam… yum! right now, i am down to focusing on tomatoes and apples. we have A LOT of apples, and we use a lot of tomatoes… so i try to put away as many as i can. silly coincidence… we have those wide mouth half pint jars all over here… we use those for so many things… they are very practical. i prefer wide mouth to regular every time (mostly because of the stacking and cleaning like you said).


  6. Apples are son to start here! I am looking forward to it. I stopped at 150 pounds of tomatoes…. which will never get us through the winter, but will certainly get us through a good chunk of it. Glad someone can find those jars! I have the wide mouth quart and pint…. just not the perfect little have pints. Darn it! lol.


  7. Those pictures look great and that lavender peach jam sounds delicious! I love cooking and have always wanted to can, but I find it’s the process that interests me most. I don’t have a cooking routine that uses anything I’ve canned. How do you use your food once it’s put by? Most of the meals that I’ve seen you post over the past few years have been with your CSA shares and fresh ingredients. (Probably because they make the most beautiful photos. Or because I just overlooked them) However, I would love to learn a little more about what you do with all of the food you’ve canned once you’re done.


  8. Oh wow that looks great! I’ve been on more of a freezer kick lately and haven’t canned too much. It’s been far too hot to pull out the canning pot in my eyes but I may have to with 20 lbs of apples that came my way yesterday. Any suggestions?


  9. I can what I would normally buy in the grocery store. Lots of whole tomatoes and salsa. Jam for toast and sweetening oatmeal. Pickles usually get eaten when we have a treat of crackers & cheese & other snack type foods. I’m still planning on putting up a lot of applesauce, some hot sauce, and a few more pickles. We are fortunate to get a CSA from May through January (off feb-april) so what we eat is very dependent on my creativity with what the farm provides. We’ve gotten to know cabbage better for sure! I’ll try to make note of using thing I can more often so you can see how we use them 🙂


  10. Crockpot apple butter! Peel, core & chop them, throw them in. I sweetened mine with a bit of maple syrup & added some cinnamon. So delicious. Especially with plain yogurt and granola. Most recipes call to peel them…. next time I am going to leave them on and see how difficult it is to run them through the food mill.


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