::just words today::

I have a few minutes to reconnect with the online world this evening and thought I should leave a note to you all here to let you know why I've disappeared.

Last Monday night my mom fell about 30 feet, bouncing off the side of a rock wall and landing on some wooden stairs. I flew to Alaska the next day to support my dad & brother while we waited 3 days to see if she would wake up and come back to us. Finally we have her beautiful smiling face looking into ours and to say we are grateful would be such an understatement. She beat all odds when she survived this….. the doctors in awe, we all are.

She suffered brain trauma among other less severe injuries and we have a long road to recovery ahead of us. She is very confused right now about what happened and where she is, but she does know who all of us are so her long term memory is there. We are currently in Anchorage and I do plan on returning to Cordova and helping her (and my dad) as long as I am needed, even if the weeks turn into months.

I've closed my shop and expect my blog to be very quiet in the coming weeks while we figure out a plan for her continued care. (I currently do not have email access either, just facebook via my smart-phone) The power of love, prayers and positive thoughts from friends and families  in the last seven days have helped us through a very difficult time. Any thoughts and prayers you can send our way would be much appreciated.

I hope to be in touch with you all again soon.

All my love,


26 thoughts on “::just words today::

  1. All my prayers Stephinie to your whole family, may the recovery process be as swift as possible for your sweet Mother. Thinking of you.
    (Sewpaisley – flickr)


  2. Oh, honey – I’m so sorry to hear your mom was hurt, and so glad that she is recovering. I’ll be keeping you all in my thoughts and sending healing energy your mom’s way. Much love to you. xoxo


  3. Sending positive, healing energy your way! I live in Anchorage, my husband is stationed at Ft. Richardson Army Base here, (and I was also born and raised here) and though I know you don’t know me personally, please know that if you need anything, or if I can do anything at all please, please, feel free to contact me anytime. Best wishes to you and your family.


  4. Oh Sweetie, I am so very sorry and so very thankful as you are. I try to stay quiet about these things but I have seen Arnica 200, a few pellets in water do tremendous healing including head trauma. Worth researching. And prayers, always.


  5. Dear Stephanie, Prayers are being lifted for you and your family. May you find strength and comfort while you care for your mom and offer support to your dad and brother. hugs to you


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