just keep sewing, just keep sewing…… (and a festival!)

just keep sewing, just keep sewing...... (and a festival!)

As I type these words I am laughing at the loose serger threads stuck all over my shirt. My big girl just put a pot of coffee on (at 4:42, yes) And I am looking at a late, late night ahead. Somewhere in between running the big boy around for job searching, the big girl around for show choir & marching band, and the little girl around for violin camp I have fit in at least 20 hours with my sewing machine the last three days. (little man has been my sidekick, and kind of feral too) I’ve got a good twelve plus hours ahead of me too….. phew! I’ve been on facebook a little this week. Posting pictures (the quick easy smart phone sort) of what I’m working on. Asking for music suggestions. And admitting to my chocolate habit. (it’s bad. really bad.) 

If you’re in the New England area and looking for a fun event Saturday, I’ll be at the 27th annual Arts & Artisan Festival in Tiverton, RI. There will be music and food and a whole lot of creative folks showing off their goods. I’d love to say hello to you!

Back to the sewing machine….

(and back here with random acts of homesteading and kid stuff next week. I promise!)




5 thoughts on “just keep sewing, just keep sewing…… (and a festival!)

  1. I know how much work you are doing! Good Luck at the festival. If only it were a week later I could come. We are taking a vacation to Boston in August!


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