Summer Guest Post Series :: Meet Nichole

I am so honored to have a lovely group of friends house-sitting the blog while I am away. Each of them has chosen something summer-ish to share here with you. Do take a moment to say hello to them~

Today I welcome Nichole of Live Free……. 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I’d like to thank Stephinie for welcoming me to her sweet spot. It is such an honor and pleasure to be a guest here at Gypsy Forest.

Last week commenced the start of another slow summer for my daughter and I. During the school year, we host an in-home learning community serving preschool age children. It’s a gentle and cozy program which brings so much joy into our daily lives.  However, when June arrives, we embrace summer with a heartfelt tight squeeze.  Summer has become our cherished, longtime friend.  Like a longtime friend, she is someone who knows our whole story:  the funny, the silly, the heartbroken, the insecure, the strong, the loving, the brave, and the triumphant parts that make up who we are.  And she loves us all the more for it.  No explanations necessary.

That’s what  summer feels like in my home. Comfort. Ease. Coming home. Simple.

Becasue, summer is…

Unscheduled time spent coming and going from indoors to outdoors. Worlds created and brought to life, undocumented and unplanned. Spontaneous, here and now.  Sweaty, sticky hairlines, grimey little toes and hands. All sights and smells of a good day. 

Stories on the couch — audiobooks and paper books alike, for home-made popsicles, and front yard juice stands. 

Available moments to explore the neighborhood and to enjoy impromptu visits with neighbors. 

Milkshakes and Texas swing music on Saturday evenings at the local biergarten, water hose fights and afternoon sewing sessions. 

Road trips, song play lists, maps, the packed car, us, no one else, the roll of conversations as miles and miles of our country pass our window’s view.  Watching the world go by.

Evening bike rides, toes dipped in the river, and sunflowers dancing in the morning light. 

Ice coffee, picnics on the porch, and the steady hum of cicadas. 

Time to sit, time to reconnect, and most of all, time to just be. 

Summer, I never realize how much I love and appreciate all that it is you have to offer, until I’m here with you, and everything is as it should be. 







Nichole blogs about the ordinary moments of her days at Live Free. I stumbled upon her blog years ago, brand new in Louisiana and she introduced me to my group of amazing friends. I am eternally grateful for this…. truly.


3 thoughts on “Summer Guest Post Series :: Meet Nichole

  1. hello dear Nichole!
    lovely~ and one of these days…..really, truly…… Claire and I are going to come visit and partake in some milkshakes and Texas swing with you and sweet Bea. blast these 1,138 miles between us!


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