Summer Guest Post Series :: Meet Amanda

I am so honored to have a lovely group of friends house-sitting the blog while I am away. Each of them has chosen something summer-ish to share here with you. Do take a moment to say hello to them~

Today I welcome Amanda of Sweet Potato Claire……. 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


ah, summer.  bare-footed, sticky, juicy summer.  I can feel my mind and body shifting over into that space where slow and lazy are seamlessly juxtaposed with busyness and plans and it’s all good.  a ‘the-air-is-thick-and-everything-is-green-and-pungent-and-let’s-just-be-lazy-but-sometimes-overdo-ourselves’ mentality.  I’m guessing you know just the one I mean.

for us, it looks like fruit, everywhere.  open windows letting in the sounds of crickets at night, birdsong at daybreak, and construction during the day.  dogs barking.  arms tingling from a bit more sunshine than I’d expected.  explosions of day lilies and raspberries.  we use the bike more often, and the watering cans.  the garden is bursting and it and the hammock chair on the porch are neck-and-neck in the running for my favorite place to be.  preferably with a book in hand and either some seltzer or a cold bottle of home brewed beer in the other.  a slight breeze.  the Madeleine Peyroux or Van Morrison pandora station drifting out to kiss my ears through the open office window.  or something like that.  maybe for you it’s iced coffee and Eddie Vedder, I don’t know.  if so, I’ll probably want to come hang out on your porch, too.

I’m done with work until the middle of August and it’s just now starting to creep into my mind that I may want to make some summer plans.  or not.  perhaps at least some loose plans, then.  at least one camping trip.  another family backpacking trip.  lots of berry acquisition followed by sticky and steamy jam-making sessions.  swimming. learning to swim.  maybe I’ll even get around to taking another fiddle lesson.  hopefully there will be a decent honey harvest.  a fair amount of piddling around behind the lens of my camera.  if I’m feeling ambitious, I might add to the un-list a possible beach trip and an anniversary jaunt in NYC with my main squeeze later this month when we’re up that way for a wedding anyway.  goodness, if I were to aim really high I could say maybe we’ll take a train up to upstate NY and drive around the Adirondacks, camp on my grandpa’s property, introduce her to a lovely place that she hasn’t been to since she was just a sweet little bean floating around in my belly.

either way, loose plans kept or not, bigger plans kept or not…… it’s all good.  because it’s summertime and going with the flow just works so much better than putting up a fight to fill in the blank spaces just-so.  sometimes I have a hard time wrapping my head around the non-planning.  sometimes I want so badly to get in a big fat chunk of ‘quality time’ doing something ‘exciting’ with my people and somewhere along the lines it falls apart and we end up, we three, a group of grumpsters feeling like we’ve failed some mission of familial fun and memory-making.  and so I remind myself it’s all quality time, and exciting is pretty relative.  as I shift into this new season, physically and mentally, I remind myself to practice letting go of expectations and welcoming what is.  I remind myself of that hammock chair I could be swaying in while she dances and twirls around in her ballet clothes singing made up songs.  most definitely still quality.  no gas or souvenirs required.

happy summer to you and yours.  may there be puddles and bubbles aplenty and ease, laughter and sunshine in the days ahead.

Amanda writes the beautiful blog Sweet Potato Claire. Stop by to be swooned by her words, incredible garden, and more….


10 thoughts on “Summer Guest Post Series :: Meet Amanda

  1. We’ve had such good luck making a summer “bucket list” these past few years. Nothing crazy–just 10 things or so. It’s enough to give us something to do on the days we want, but also leave plenty of days blank for just summer-ing.


  2. I adore this approach to summer. I’ve been feeling anxious about not getting more things in the plans but while I’ve been fretting, we’ve been hiking, beach crawling, staying home for whole, long days, running through the sprinkler in our underwear and eating sugary treats from the bakery for breakfast. I hadn’t thought to count these things as signs of a summer well spent until I read this post. Hey, thanks and enjoy New York!
    Brienne from Minnesota


  3. This is such a wonderful summary of what summer is to us too! (Or perhaps most of the year for that matter, with a few modifications.) Hope you get a least a couple things ticked off cause they sound like a blast!


  4. well… hello amanda 🙂 i didn’t know you would be here!! what a wonderful surprise! i LOVE your thoughts on summer! one of my goals this season is to “not plan” because the last couple summers i planned so many things for us to do that we didn’t have enough time to just be… and i didn’t like it one bit. my goal is to find a balance between summer busy and summer slow. i hope i get it just right this year 🙂
    (sounds like you have it just perfect… inspiration!!!) 🙂


  5. oh I like that, Meryl! it sounds very doable, and like it would be subtle, gentle motivation on the days/weeks we’re feeling less-than-inspired but ready for something fun.


  6. oh those things all sound like a summer well spent to me, for sure! honestly, that sounds like a pretty near perfect vacation itinerary, come to think of it. and you didn’t even have to leave behind the comforts of home 😉
    we had a blast in NY, thanks!


  7. we’ve since checked off the trip to NYC and the first jam-making session is impending as we are swimming in raspberries around here! I’ve got the gears turning for a camping trip and we’re savoring the days as best we can with market treats, music at the lake, time with friends, and lots of fresh produce!


  8. well hello there, dear jenny~ surprise!
    the over-planning can certainly sneak up and take a lot of the fun out of things, can’t it? even though it can feel so necessary and wise at times. I’m a big fan of a baseline of summer slow with a few pops of summer busy thrown in every now and again.
    ah, it may sound that way- but I am a work in progress for sure. we write about what we need to hear/work on ourselves, don’t we? (I know I do!)


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