Summer Guest Post Series :: Meet Teri

I am so honored to have a lovely group of friends house-sitting the blog while I am away. Each of them has chosen something summer-ish to share here with you. Do take a moment to say hello to them~

Today I welcome Teri of Homestead Honey with Summer is….

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

After a very cold winter tucked into a very tiny house, and spring full of intense homestead projects and homeschooling commitments, summer is a time when my greatest goal is to keep the calendar as free as possible and enjoy the beauty of the season with my husband and two children, ages 3 and 6. This summer, I am looking forward to… Fruit season! First strawberries, then blueberry u-pick, then amazing Missouri and Illinois peaches!




Setting up our outdoor kitchen. We’ll move the entire kitchen outdoors, partially to keep cool in the hot and humid Missouri summer, and partially so we can finish working on the interior of our 350 square foot house. 

Outdoor Kitchen | Homestead Honey

Daily swim adventures in our pond. My husband has a plan to attach a small slide to our newly-built dock. I can’t wait for that fun!


Growing a HUGE garden, and enjoying and preserving the bounty.




Enjoying chicken antics, and fresh eggs.


Tenting it, to keep cool at night.


Add to this list the simple pleasures of fireflies, dinners with friends, shooting stars, and family vacations, and my own summer love – acting in musical theater productions – and you have a few busy months! Summer is equal parts restorative and exhausting, and the more I can embrace that contrast, the more I enjoy the season. What do you love most about summer?  


Teri Page loves Summer, but her favorite season is definitely Autumn. She blogs about gardening, Waldorf homeschooling, and creating an off-grid homestead from scratch at Homestead Honey. This summer, she is co-teaching a 4-week eCourse called, “Empowered Eating,” which begins on August 25th. Learn more about the course here! You can also connect with Teri on Facebook or Pinterest.

6 thoughts on “Summer Guest Post Series :: Meet Teri

  1. You know, one of the things I miss most about my childhood summers is the fireflies. We don’t have them here; I don’t know if it is the region we live in, or just that we are in a city instead of the country. I think of them often, though, this time of year.
    Your summer kitchen looks fantastic. If I had the outdoor space I would move everything outside, too; it gets so warm in here in the summer (even all the way up here in Buffalo!). xo


  2. we don’t get fireflies either…. i have never seen one! i love your outdoor kitchen (and of course your garden). i think my favorite thing about summer is the warmth, and the change to outdoor activities and projects… i live in oregon… so i rains close to eight months out of the year… summer is a very nice change 🙂


  3. We moved to Missouri from Oregon, Jenny, so I totally appreciate that shift outdoors! It’s really nice to have rain in fits and spurts here. Thunderstorms and dramatic deluges, rather than the constant winter rain, but I do miss the green of the Northwest.


  4. We love having fireflies in our yard here! It was one of the most magical things about our very first visit to Missouri, three summers ago.
    And yes, the outdoor kitchen makes life much cooler. Even bringing the propane cook stove outdoors makes a world of difference!


  5. I love the opportunity to really sllooooooow down and just see what we get into each day (I teach after-school art classes during the school year and my daughter comes along, but I am very happily and gratefully off in the summers). also, the fruit. also, the huge amount of time we spend out in the garden. meals outside, playing in water, Thursday night music in the park in our town…… oh, summer.
    so happy to be introduced to you here~ I am a big fan of small houses and seeing how people make it work (my own house is by no means tiny at 1200 square feet) and squeeze so much, so creatively, into these little spaces. I’ll definitely be checking in with you now and again. have fun berry picking! for us the strawberries are done, the blueberries are yet to come, but right now it’s raspberry time!


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