north, to Alaska……



At some point today, I’ll wander the Alaska coastline with some or all of my young ones. Rain or shine. Drinking in the sea we love (perhaps the most of all).

We’ll be away for two weeks…. celebrating my brother’s wedding (with a whole LOT of family) and of course spending a lot of time on the trail, in the mountains, and here. I can’t believe it’s been two summers since we’ve visited our home away from home……

I’m hoping to pop in here on the next two Fridays with a few postcards from Alaska to share with you…..

In the meantime, I’ve got an amazing group of house-sitters that are swinging in here to meet you. They’ve each shared a bit about summer in their own voices, something I’m sure you are going to love….

I hope you enjoy meeting eight, yes EIGHT of my favorite bloggers over the next two weeks. Do say hello to them for me….

See you soon~





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