in my garden :: june 19

Last time in my garden:

in my garden :: june 6

This time in my garden:

In the garden :: June 19

In the garden :: June 19

In the garden :: June 19

In the garden :: June 19

In the garden :: June 19

In the garden :: June 19

In the garden :: June 19

In the garden :: June 19

Everything is in bloom! All the peas and beans are blossoming out….

We tied up the tomatoes, peas & beans…. it's a mad nest of green and twine out there….

The potatoes are growing faster than we cover them. I thinned the greens and we ate braised greens with fried eggs on top. Total backyard lunch. Delicious.

And do you see those squash and watermelon blossoms at the bottom? They are huge!! We're so excited by the idea of growing just one watermelon.

I'll miss the daily walk and seeing every little thing change a tiny bit here and there while I am away….. and I'm grateful to that guy of mine for holding down the homestead fort over the next few weeks.

Tell me what's blooming in your garden…….




5 thoughts on “in my garden :: june 19

  1. Everything looks so fantastic in your garden! I’m reminded that I need to get more straw for the potatoes. And I need to do something with the tomatoes. (Reading these garden posts is wonderful for the beauty & inspiration, but also because they remind me not to slack off!) xo


  2. It’s a lot of tending for sure…. It’s my biggest garden yet. Each day something needs tied up or weeded….. It’s all growing so quickly right now. I can’t wait for the tomatoes to start ripening.


  3. The peas are so pretty…. and the fava bean blossoms too. We just got our first peas from our case last week. I’m looking forward to having them fresh from the backyard soon…. Hopefully before it gets too hot!


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