DIY Summer Camp

DIY Summer Camp

Last summer the kids and I had a whole lot of fun using this DIY Summer Camp E-book for inspiration. I was very honored to be interviewed by the editor of the e-book, Liz of A Natural Nester, about our experience. You can read the interview over on Green Child today. 

I printed the entire camp out last year and placed the pages in sleeve covers inside a three ring binder. This made it extra durable, which is awesome because we plan to use it again this summer! If you're looking for a way to bring a whole lot of fun to your summer….. take a peek. The line-up of camp counselors is pretty impressive! 

Sarah of Imagine Childhood, Kara of Simple Kids, Ashley of Small Measure, Debi of Go Explore Nature, Liz of A Natural Nester, just to name a few!!



ps ~ if you're visiting from Green Child, welcome! I hope you stick around and have some summer fun with us!

pps ~ those are Luke's hands holding a bucket of freshly picked blueberries from our favorite spot to visit…. we picked over 50 pounds last year!


6 thoughts on “DIY Summer Camp

  1. My favorite place too! Growing up in Warwick I have been picking at Rocky Point for a long time. Last year my favorite picking day was an early morning, alone, after it had rained overnight. The bushes were soaked! It was refreshing in the heat to get splattered as I moved through the rows.


  2. That sounds wonderful Melissa….. I do hope to get there early morning alone a few times next year. My goal is to make it to a hundred pounds this year! We picked 50 last year but ran out around Christmas. So good to put in muffins and oatmeal 🙂


  3. This is a place we visit to pick….. though I do hope that we'll have a few producing bushes in our yard in a few years. I tucked them into one corner this spring only to realize the tree canopy shades them far too much. Oopsie. Guess the need relocated now!


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