it’s not you…… it’s me….

it's not you...... it's me....


Random HUGE egg photo that has nothing to do with this post…. yes it was a double. Which totally freaks my husband out. (Sorry honey, sort of threw you under the bus on that one).

And yes, the comments are broken. I know some of you noticed. Frustrating stuff indeed….

It's not you though, it's me. Or well, actually it's them

So, I guess that's it. You can always come say hello on facebook…..

Here's hoping things are back to normal sooner than later….



12 thoughts on “it’s not you…… it’s me….

  1. Now I can blather! 😛 My egg gals at the farmers market frequently have double yolked eggs. One time, 10 of my dozen were double yolks! I make a wish every time I stumble across one. But I gotta say, they weren’t as big as yours. I thought that was a duck egg at first. Wowza!


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