tiny pieces of spring…..

tiny pieces of spring......

tiny pieces of spring......

tiny pieces of spring......

tiny pieces of spring......

tiny pieces of spring......

tiny pieces of spring......

tiny pieces of spring......


Hello, hello! It's so nice to be back! If you visited during the last few days you likely found only a strange blank page. Typepad is my blogging platform and they were under DDoS attacks. What the heck is that you say? Read here for the answer (and wow, I'm glad I don't have their job.) But hey, they worked their tails off and pulled things back together and not a speck of anything I can find is out of place… so I am one grateful blogger. 

And now….. back to the regular ramblings you're used to.

Spring….. I've been walking through the backyard for the last few weeks looking at the tips of every branch and closely at the ground. Watching for tiny pieces of spring emerge….

The buds slowly turn rosy and pink and are finally just about ready to burst into leaf or blossom. The plum tree and grape vines we planted when the ground was barely soft enough for a shovel are dancing right along to the tune of the swamp maple and ferns.

Slowly, slowly our forest is waking up.

When the evening light casts a soft glow over everything, you can see the tips of every branch light up. It's as if they are soaking in the last bit of each days sunshine. No doubt they too are ready for warmth and long sunny days.

No matter how many times I watch it, I never tire. This tiny little bud that made its way through winter. Waiting, waiting, waiting for just the right recipe of warmth and light to finally burst forth and ring in the new season…. the tree knows just what to do…… such amazing and good stuff for sure.



ps ~ I am leaving this lovely giveaway up through Saturday since the blog disappeared and few of you got the chance to see it. Do swing over and enter to win…… and share it with your online pals. Thank you!


6 thoughts on “tiny pieces of spring…..

  1. lovely~ I am so enjoying watching the baby leaves unfurl and the world coming back to life above ground! my post today was somewhat similar, with pictures of early spring happenings in the yard and garden. must be something in the air! (perhaps it’s spring;) xo


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