somebunny loves you…….

somebunny loves you.......


Improv sewing by Sophia. Aren't they sweet? I love them.

Speaking of love…. you all are the best. Such sweet words shared on Friday's post…. seriously, I love you.

In other news. Holy banana sandwiches.

How many of you mamas also run an unpaid taxi service. I mean really, who knew the weekend could be summed up with, "I drove the kids everywhere." Wowza. But yeah, I did.

Friday :: Run kids places. House full of girls getting ready for some sort of glow dance. Oh highschool, you are a funny thing. Lots of giggling. Lots of pizza. Girls off to dance. Parents off to home depot for bee hive paint and galvanized staples. Girls home from dance. More pizza, and giggling, and ice cream.

Saturday :: Run kids places. Check out bee buddy's hive. First up close and personal meeting with so many bees (eek! so cool!) Into work clothes. Watch man dig holes. Decide on tree placement. Out of work clothes, back out to pick up kiddos. Home again, back into work clothes. Plant trees by the moonlight because we're so determined to get them into the ground. Make neighbor question flashlight ongoings in backyard. (not for the first time, and likely not the last) Prime bee boxes over a few margaritas on the rocks.

Sunday :: Tidy house in preparation to meet another taxi mom shuttling big girl and friends to the mall. (hey mall, I like highschool dances more than you. just saying.) Paint clothes on. Hives almost painted. Out of paint clothes to run and pick up two kids. Home again and back into paint clothes. Wander backyard for more tree planning, berry placement, etc. Finish painting bee boxes. Man plants plum tree. (seven trees in this weekend!) Oldest girl saves the evening by making dinner. Love her. Realize I totally missed painting the bee entrance. Oopsie.

Take bath. So tired, go to bed. 


Phew. So uhm… I'm just saying, hats off to my fellow taxi drivers. Fo' reals.

In other news.

BEES! Coming this weekend. Oh. My. Goodness.

I put in a request for a taxi free weekend. The bees arrive Saturday and we have a few yards of compost to pick up in Rhode Island for the garden beds we're building. This is the sort of thing that makes me do a little happy dance. Yep, you heard me. Dirt and bugs. Woo-hoo!

That's all for tonight. As soon as I get the berry bushes in I'll give you a tour of our hopeful mini orchard.

Goodnight all.




16 thoughts on “somebunny loves you…….

  1. Hey girl, wanted to let you know we ate your 15 bean and kale soup tonight for dinner, it was amazing!
    And I sewed yesterday and today, with a sewing machine! It took me two days and they aren’t perfect, but I now have two new skirts to wear.


  2. Our kids are little, so we don’t really have all that yet. Sounds like I need to get the pickle barrel out 🙂 Anyway, same things happening around here….bee box out to paint. 4 fruit trees picked up yesterday sitting on our back deck. Taking polls and surveys researching red raspberries and blueberries. Yeah.


  3. haha!! love the way you describe it all 🙂 it is funny how it works out… all i ever want out of my weekend is to be able to stay home and not go anywhere, but all my kids want is to get out and about 🙂


  4. Hey lookie there….. another mama that is excited about bugs and dirt! There is something sacred about planting fruit trees. I get a little emotional thinking about how long that tree could be in that space making apples…. such a ridiculous romantic heart, I know. But I can't help it 🙂


  5. It's seriously insane. A complete 180 from last year. (where we had very little going on, I kind of miss that) I guess part of it is having two big kids in highschool. There is a lot going on. 
    I want the same thing on the weekend…. down time. I think once a month I'm scheduling a no outings weekend. To think of all the stuff I could get done if I had two days like that. Wow 🙂


  6. Weekends are incredibly too busy-I wish there was more time to relax! With summer around the corner and the big push to get gardening done when I have someone to watch my dirt eating daughter I doubt it will happen anytime soon though 😉
    Good luck with your bees can’t wait to hear how it goes!


  7. New gardening beds is next on the list. Maybe even this weekend if we can squeeze a trip for compost into our Saturday. I'm almost ready for the bees! Making sugar syrup tonight. So exciting!


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