these last few days……..

these last few days......

these last few days......

these last few days......

these last few days......

these last few days......

these last few days......

these last few days........

these last few days......


Lots going on here. 

Bee hive building.

Seed starting.



Beer brewing.


I lost a friend of mine in the landslide in Washington. For a few days we hoped, prayed for a miracle. No one got one. Life is hard like that sometimes. No warnings, no answers. Just loss.

She weighed heavily on my mind these last few days. Whatever faith background you have…. I think there is such a healing goodness about truly spending some time thinking about someone you've lost. I think somehow this helps them transition between here and there. If that makes sense.

It was a quiet week. 

I almost didn't mention all of it here. And then last night when I finally downloaded several days of photos, I changed my mind. I was overcome with gratitude as I looked through the bits and pieces of the last few days. Ordinary, beautiful life.

Julie, you will be missed by many. Cheers to good memories and never forgetting your incredible laugh. Every quilt stitch from here on out will make me think of you with a smile….

Happy weekending folks.

Much love~



38 thoughts on “these last few days……..

  1. I’m so sorry Stephanie, life is fragile, and sometimes just down right tough. Keeping a loved one in one’s memory means they are always with us, at least that is the way I look at things.
    I prepared your quinoa patties the other day for dinner and already have them on the menu to prepare again, we loved them.
    I wish you a gentle weekend and hope your hurt and loss lessens as the days pass.


  2. I grew up in Arlington and have fond memories of playing in the river at Oso. I don’t think I know anyone who lost their life. Sorry for your loss.


  3. Oh my! I’m so sorry to hear you knew someone. Life is so precious.
    I love seeing your brewing. My husband brews and it’s such a large part of who he is that when I see homebrews elsewhere it makes me smile and feel that connection. Much love and Peace to you.


  4. I am so sorry to hear of your friend. Thats rough.
    I am a firm believer that thinking of them not only helps them but you as well.
    Lovely pics of life! That salamander!


  5. i love your photos… and your words about loss and appreciating the ordinary. i’m so glad your taking those moments to reflect and remember. you have inspired me to appreciate my own ordinary more fully… thank you.


  6. She had just moved there last year from the tiny fishing town my parents live in Alaska. The world feels very small sometimes, we are certainly all intertwined in some way…… xo~


  7. The world feels so small sometimes. I knew Julie from Cordova….. she was such a gem of a lady. Thank you for the sweet words…. I know she’s somewhere good 🙂


  8. Catching up…
    Sorry to hear about your friend. So hard.
    Happy to hear you are dwelling on the wonderful things about her. It is good for the soul in such a difficult time.


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